we are Marco and Katrin, and we live with our 2 sons and meanwhile 3 dogs in Germany, more precisely in the district of Borken in North Rhine-Westphalia near the Dutch border.

Like most kids, we used to want to have our own dog. Unfortunately, when we were children, this dream never came true.

Then, at the end of 2019, we decided to completely change our lives and fulfill our childhood dream retroactively. This means no more vacations by plane, but by car. Instead of a hotel, it goes into a vacation home.

At the same time, we have to fulfill our children their dream. For them, there is nothing more beautiful than cuddling with our meanwhile 3 dogs.

In the beginning, we had difficulty deciding which breed it should be. Should he be big or small. A dog from the animal protection or a puppy from the breeder.

In the beginning, we liked the Rhodesian Ridgeback from the look best and were fascinated. Since we had not had a dog before, so we were beginners, and we discarded this idea after extensive research.

Then we accidentally came into contact with the Broholmer and fell in love with it. The appearance reminded me a little of the Ridgeback. But the nature and character of the Broholmer did it to us.

And it must have been fate. Because basically, there are endless waiting times for Broholmer puppies because the breed is still very rare.

However, we have learned by chance that a breeder has decided at short notice to give away a puppy that they wanted to keep for breeding. That was shortly before Christmas 2019.

We then talked to the breeder for a long time on the phone and picked up our first Broholmer female Sansa, then 2 days before New Year’s Eve 2019/2020. The best decision of our lives.

Our Broholmer Sansa in Sweden
Our Broholmer Sansa in Sweden

Through our extensive research, which dog breed is suitable for whom and what characteristics it brings, we decided to help others with our “knowledge” and founded the blog: yourpackleader.com and now write about all dog breeds.

Through research, I became aware of the Cane Corso and fell in love. In short, about 1.5 years after Sansa moved in with us, we picked up Malou, our Cane Corso female. Again a great decision.

So our lives revolve around our kids and our dogs.

At some point, we decided to take it a step further. Through contact with Broholmer breeders and membership in the club, we decided: We wanted to breed Broholmer. At least first one litter, and then we will see.

So we took the courses at the VDH, registered a kennel, and did all examinations with Sansa.

Due to a bureaucratic error, it was unfortunately impossible to breed officially with Sansa. My wife was completely crushed for days.

A Broholmer breeder friend told us again by chance that she is expecting a litter, and if she has at least 3 females with her, we could take one. (my wife would not have been able to give away all of Sansa’s litter anyway).

It came as it had to come. In July 2022, Arya moved in with us.

Arya our Broholmer Puppy
Arya in Summer 2022

From summer 2023, we plan to do the necessary examinations with Arya so that we can go with her into breeding.

On our Instagram channel: Broholmer_Proud_Guradian, you can follow our Broholmer and our way as breeders.

So, that’s briefly about our story, how we went from being enthusiastic vacationers to enthusiastic dog owners and future breeders.

Maybe we can help you a little bit with our blog as well.

Many greetings

Marco and Katrin with Sansa, Malou and Arya