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Are Broholmers aggressive and dangerous?

Broholmers are large and imposing dogs that attract all the attention. Since they are good watchdogs, we will discuss whether Broholmers are aggressive and dangerous or maybe just the opposite.

It depends on the situation and upbringing. Normally, Broholmers are friendly, good-natured, and calm. They don’t let anything upset them and have a high irritation threshold. However, at the same time, they are very alert and would protect their family in case of emergency. However, poor or wrong upbringing can cause Broholmers to become aggressive and dangerous.

Are Broholmers aggressive?

Broholmers are large dogs and appear intimidating to some simply because of their appearance. Despite their size, Broholmers can live in an apartment.

However, a reasonably socialized and trained Broholmer is neither aggressive nor dangerous. Broholmers are ideal family dogs characterized by a friendly, good-natured, and easy-going nature.

Broholmers are difficult to upset and have an extremely high threshold of irritation. These were characteristics that convinced us that a Broholmer is a perfect dog for us as first-time owners.

At the same time, Broholmers have a strong guarding instinct and pick up on everything that is going on in their environment and when someone unknown approaches.

A stranger approached my wife during a walk in the morning in the dark, Sansa our Broholmer, she immediately stood in front of my wife and barked deeply at the unknown man.

Broholmer as a watchdog?

Broholmers, like most Molossian breeds, have a strong guarding instinct. In their native Denmark, they were used as guard dogs for houses, farms, and castles.

Despite their strong guarding instinct, the Broholmers do not normally show aggressive behavior.

They quickly know who is welcome and who has no business in their territory. When our family visits us and comes directly through the garden, we don’t have to be afraid that the watchdog in the Broholmer wants to prevent this.

Do Broholmers get along with other dogs?

Broholmers usually get along well with other dogs and do not behave aggressively. They are rather sociable and well-tolerated.

We can let our Broholmers play and run freely in a meadow with all kinds of breeds without any problems.

Of course, there are exceptions. Strange dogs that come towards us aggressively are not greeted as friendly either.

We also know Broholmers, who do not get along well with other dogs. No matter if they are other Broholmers or other breeds. But this is rather the exception.

Conditions for Broholmers not to become aggressive and dangerous!

How your Broholmer will not become aggressive and dangerous

The basic nature of the Broholmers is good-natured, friendly, and calm, but also alert. Of course, this is not a matter of course but requires a little work.

The following things are important to get a great Broholmer that is not aggressive.


You have to put emphasis on good socialization from the beginning. Your dog must gradually get to know all possible situations so that he does not react inappropriately later.

Your Broholmer, already as a puppy, must have contact with other dogs, if possible also cats, strange people, cars, etc., so that he learns step by step.

These things should become normal for him, so he does not react scared or aggressively to them later.

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Besides socialization, training is the second important point. You need to train your Broholmer from the very beginning. In short, this means that your dog accepts you as the pack leader and is oriented to you. You must consistently show him what he is not allowed to do and positively reinforce what he is allowed to do.

A well-socialized and educated Broholmer is not aggressive.

Broholmer needs education

Broholmer needs training
Broholmer and cane Corso during training

When can Broholmer be aggressive and dangerous?

We don’t have to kid ourselves that any dog, including the Broholmer, can be aggressive and dangerous. I want to show you a few situations you should be aware of.


Our Broholmer female weighs about 100 lbs (45 kg) with a height at withers of 69 cm. When such a big dog plays with small children in the garden, accidents can happen, and dangerous situations can arise.


It can happen that your young Broholmer tries to restrain your children when they play wildly in the garden.

When our Broholmer was a few months old and already had considerable weight, she tried to restrain our children, did not want them to run around wildly, and tried to jump at them and pinch their jackets.

Of course, these situations must be stopped immediately, and the dog must learn that this is not his job. The whole thing only took a few minutes, and the issue was settled.

Bad or no training

Poor or inadequate training can promote aggressive behavior. Broholmers are good to train. But if you don’t, you cannot know how your dog will turn out.


Even though it is almost impossible to find a Broholmer in a shelter, I would like to mention this point.

You never know what a dog has been through and may have been through. If he has been mistreated and beaten in the past, he may well be aggressive because of it.

Diseases / Pain

Illness and pain can lead to aggressive behavior in Broholmers. Dogs suffer silently and secretly. Therefore, it is important to always keep a close eye on your dog and watch for changes.

For example, if your Broholmer is in a lot of pain due to an illness or injury, he may not want to be touched and therefore react irritably or aggressively.

Too little exercise and activity

If your Broholmer gets too little exercise and activity in the long run, this can end in negative behavior like increased aggression. Eventually, even the gentlest dogs become frustrated.

Family is in danger

If their family is attacked or in danger, Broholmers, as classic guard dogs, would not hesitate and protectively place themselves before you to confront the potential attacker. In this situation, your Broholmer can and probably will react aggressively.

Conclusion: Are Broholmers aggressive?

Aggressive behavior is usually foreign to Broholmer dogs. Of course, socialization and training play a big role in making your Broholmer a great dog.

I am Marco with my Cane Corso and my Broholmer


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