Sind Broholmer verschmust

Are Broholmers cuddly and like to be petted?

The Broholmer is a very old Danish Mastiff-type breed used to guard the house and the property. At the same time, he was and still is a great family dog. Broholmer used to watch over children in castles and living rooms. If you want to know if Broholmers are cuddly and like to be petted, you are right here!

Broholmers are usually cuddly and like to be petted. Of course, this cannot be said for all Broholmers. There are always Broholmers who are not cuddly for different reasons. It could be that he was mistreated, or you pet him wrong.

Do Broholmers like to be petted and are cuddly?

In my introduction, I pointed out that Broholmers are great family dogs. In this respect, one could assume that he is cuddly and likes to be stroked. Most Broholmers are cuddly and want to be petted.

However, this cannot be answered with a blanket “YES” for all Broholmers. In most cases, it is true that Broholmers are cuddly and like to be cuddled, but it depends on some crucial points.

Broholmers always want to keep an eye on the family and be close to them.

However, if your Broholmer may not have come to you as a puppy, that is, after the imprinting period, it could be a reason for a more distant relationship.

We suspect the same with our dog Sansa. She came to us at 17 weeks and grew up in a huge pack until then. The breeder did not have the time to deal with each puppy individually.

Sansa still loves to lie with us and be petted, but occasionally it can get a little too much for her, and she retreats to her blanket.

Our second female Broholmer, came to us when she was eight weeks old. That means we were able to take the complete imprinting phase with us.

She came from another breeder, where the breeder’s daughter took care of the puppies very lovingly and actively promoted the relationship with humans from the beginning.

That is why we think that Arya is so extremely cuddly. She wants to sit or lie on your lap at every opportunity. Arya does not mind being petted all the time in the least. On the contrary, she enjoys it or demands it.

Of course, it could be that Sansa has an entirely different character. Maybe she would have become the same under other circumstances. This is just a guess that happens to fit and is noticeable.

Character plays an enormous role, just as it does with us, humans. One likes it more and less.

Reasons why your Broholmer does not like to cuddle!

If your Broholmer doesn’t like to cuddle or even looks for the distance when you come near him, there can also be worse or very simple backgrounds.

Broholmer has had bad experiences.

If you get a Broholmer, or a dog in general, not as a puppy, you never know what he has experienced.

Did you perhaps take him directly from the previous owners? If he wasn’t treated well there, that could be why he doesn’t like to cuddle and is somewhat aloof. Maybe there was even abuse.

But if you got him from the shelter, you won’t know the real reason because even the shelter doesn’t have accurate information.

Lack of socialization and education

It is also possible that your Broholmer was not properly socialized as a puppy. Maybe he had too little contact with people.

If you were not taught correctly that you are the pack’s leader, the Broholmer would not be able to relax well because he is under permanent stress and can not or will not hand over the guarding to you.

In this case, you should work on the human-dog relationship. Then your Broholmer can relax better, trust you and enjoy cuddling.

Broholmer sind verschmust und werden gerne gestreichelt
Sansa and Arya our Broholmers

Diseases and pain

If your Broholmer has always been cuddly but suddenly isn’t anymore, you should keep a close eye on him. This can be a sign that he is in pain. Think if there was something special in the last few days.

He could have hurt himself during a wild romp or a jump from a higher height. If you pet him in that spot now, it may be unpleasant or even painful, and he may pull back.

Since dogs have a high pain tolerance, it is unfortunately only very late for you to recognize something is wrong. If this condition does not regulate quickly, I would see a vet.

Puppy has growing pains.

Puppies can also have growing pains and often do not like to be stroked. They need their rest and then go away. However, this is short-lived.

You are doing it wrong.

Another possibility will be if you are simply not petting your Broholmer properly. Maybe you’re too rough, too wild, or too frantic, and he can’t relax because of it.

Or maybe he doesn’t like to be petted on his rear end but prefers to be petted or cuddled on his belly and chest.

Most dogs don’t like to be stroked on the head; better leave that out completely.

Some dogs prefer gentle petting, and still, others find a massage session better. Just test it out.

Your Broholmer does not like it.

Or maybe it’s just down to character. Just like with us humans, one likes it more, one not at all. If your Broholmer would rather not be petted, accept that, and don’t force your love on him. Forcing you only make it worse, and he will move further and further away from you.

Advantages if your Broholmer likes to be petted

One advantage of a cuddly Broholmer is that the relationship with the dog happens in all facets. On the one hand, you are consistent (loving strictness), and on the other hand, you can give the dog your total love, which leads to a great relationship.

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Then there’s a great hormonal effect. It’s called oxytocin, which is released when you pet your dog. Both in your Broholmer and you. Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone or bonding hormone. It increases your sense of well-being. It’s a happy hormone!

Tips on how to make your Broholmer cuddlier

Here I have a few tips on how to get your Broholmer used to being petted and cuddled slowly.

  • Don’t pet your dog at every little opportunity but give him time. Ideally, wait until he approaches you.
  • If your dog does not like to be petted, do not pet him during training as a reward.
  • If your Broholmer is lying on his blanket, leave him alone. Give him space and wait for him to come to you on his own; then, it is ok to pet him briefly and quietly.
  • If he is lying next to you on the couch, stroke him briefly but don’t overdo it. Let him get used to it slowly and realize that he is safe with you and not forced.
  • Most dogs do not like to be petted on the face and head. That would cause backlash again. Even the cuddly specimens often do not like it, merely tolerate it.

With a lot of calmness, understanding and time, it can develop into a cuddly dog.

That is why black breedings unfortunately often lead to inbreeding which in turn leads to Broholmer-untypical temperament and, even worse, often to diseases.

These people do not care about healthy, well-socialized puppies. There it is only about the money. Because the Broholmer is becoming more and more popular.

Conclusion: Are Broholmers cuddly and like to be petted?

Broholmers are basically cuddly and like to be petted. However, there are always exceptions, and individual dogs may not like to be petted for various reasons.

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I am Marco with my Cane Corso and my Broholmer


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