are Cane Corsos good for first time owners

Are Cane Corso good for first time owners? (Why or Why Not)

The Cane Corso is a fantastic dog breed. The imposing appearance can be intimidating to some, but whoever has met a Cane Corso will be thrilled by the character. Nevertheless, the question remains, who is suitable to offer a Cane Corso a home? Is it necessary to have experience with dogs, or is a Cane Corso for first-time owners also suitable?

The Cane Corso is suitable for first-time owners if some things are considered. Just because you’ve had a dog before doesn’t automatically mean you know how. Primarily it depends on the fact that one knows how dog training works and implements it consistently. Of course, a beginner has no experience to fall back on. But he can visit a dog school or, even better, book a private trainer.

How to train a Cane Corso as a beginner?

In this section, I will only talk about the general points. This is only my opinion and the experience I was allowed to collect as an almost beginner with a Cane Corso.

If you, as a beginner, take help from the beginning in the form of an “online”-dog school or a personal dog trainer and let him support you from the beginning, there is nothing against a Cane Corso in my opinion.

A dog trainer will show you from the beginning how to train your puppy and how to react in specific situations.

Why, then, should this not be feasible for a beginner? Ultimately, it all depends on how well and intensively you implement and repeat what you have learned.

As an example: An experienced dog owner knows theoretically how to train a recall but does it only insufficiently. A beginner gets the tools from the trainer and practices daily. Which dog will be more recallable in the end?

Ultimately, it is a question of how your dog is trained. Of course, there are breed-specific characteristics in each breed. We will go into those now, and then you can decide if you want to take on the work that comes with a Cane Corso.

A Cane Corso is big and heavy!

That’s right; Cane Corsos are big and heavy. Cane Corso males can grow up to 70 cm tall and weigh 60 kg. If you prefer a female, you can also count with 70 cm and a weight of 45 – 50 kg.

But what do size and weight have to do with whether you are a beginner or have dog experience?

If your Cane Corso suddenly jumps into the leash during a walk and wants to go to another dog, for example, the professional stand there just like the beginner and has to restrain the dog somehow.

I just used the lunch break and went jogging with Malou, our Cane Corso. We had an encounter with a male Labrador. He jumped aggressively into the leash, and his owner had his hands full.

Malou was not completely cold to this, and she also pulled in that direction. But by far not as aggressive as the Labrador, considered a perfect beginner dog.

What I want to say is: Not size and weight decide if a Cane Corso is a beginner dog, but how consistently you train your dog is crucial.

Are Cane Corsos difficult to train?

Cane Corsos are smart but a Mastiff Type breed and, like all Mastiff breeds, tend to be a bit more stubborn.

So it can be that you have to do a command more often and a little more with a Cane Corso, especially in the beginning. Consistent doesn’t mean rough, but you insist on it and don’t give up.

You are the boss and say what is done.

It is not okay if you send your Cane Corso to his place. He immediately runs away again. You can’t say, “All right, then. Next time, maybe”.

The Cane Corso is a smart dog who also learns quickly and gladly. But sometimes, he tends to be a bit stubborn and needs an owner who will not give in but consistently take care of the situation. If you take this to heart, the Cane Corso can be trained well even by a first-time owner.

Even a first-time owner can train a Cane Corso. He has to be aware that such situations can occur.

Important in training is that it is consistent but loving. Violence is always the wrong way. Praising in everyday situations is also essential. If your dog does something well, for example, walks past another dog completely disinterested, verbal praise or a treat will consolidate the desired behavior, even though it was now no specific training.

A Cane Corso suits you if you know what to expect even as a beginner and are willing to accept the challenge.

An example from our everyday life:

Our dogs are not allowed in the kitchen when we are preparing food. The command for this is “Tabu.”

In the beginning, we often had to lead Malou out of the kitchen together with the command. Even when she knew what it meant, sometimes she tested it out. In these situations, we have to lead her out of the kitchen with the command five times in a row.

At that time, our dog trainer answered the question: “How often should we lead Malou to the blanket or out of the kitchen?” with a simple “Until she doesn’t come into the kitchen anymore – so always once more than the dog.”

Is the Cane Corso fond of children?

cane corso for first time owners
Malou and Nick

The Cane Corso loves children, especially those in our household. Our youngest can do everything with our dog. Even on the sports field, when all at once ten children stand around her and want to pet her, she is calm and sweet. She is never aggressive.

But, it can be that the Cane Corso misinterprets it if your children roughhouse together in the garden with friends. They may interpret the roughhousing and yelling as a threat and try to protect your children.

This would be a disaster.

But if you know this, you can prepare.

Never leave your children with friends alone with the dog (this applies to the Cane Corso and any dog).

Stop your Cane Corso from the puppy age when it tries to discipline or “protect” your children from their friends.

Cane Corso wants to train the children.

We had this exact situation. Our sons were playing wildly and loudly in the backyard. Malou was about six months and was trying to educate them and get them to stop playing.

She didn’t want them running wild and trying to bite their jackets, jumping on them. She wanted to keep them calm.

Our job now was to make her understand that this was not her job. It didn’t take long for the boys to run wild in the yard, and she didn’t care anymore.

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Why shouldn’t a beginner be able to do that? He just has to do it and, as already mentioned, consistently stop and demand desired behavior. Then the child-loving Cane Corso is also a great family dog for beginners.

Cane Corsos are too aggressive for beginners.

Even if the Cane Corso looks a little bit meaner than other breeds, Cane Corsos are not aggressive. His character is described as kind, patient, docile, child-friendly, and calm.

When dogs of any breed are aggressive, it is usually to do with the other end of the leash – the owner. The Cane Corso will make a great family dog with loving but consistent training. Even if you are a first-time owner

Conclusion: Are Cane Corsos for first-time owners?

The Cane Corso is also suitable for first-time owners if you get support. Because basically, you have to know what techniques you can use to train a dog. If you know how to do it, you just need to stay on track, and you will have one of the best dog breeds in your life. Your dog will thank you with affection because this breed is incredibly cuddly and loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

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