are Cane Corsos aggressive

Are Cane Corsos aggressive and dangerous?

We have a Cane Corso and sometimes get skeptical looks when we go for a walk. Large dogs are generally viewed skeptically by many people. For example, if they have a specific look like the Cane Corso, many get queasy. But is this feeling justified? Is a Cane Corso aggressive and dangerous?

The Cane Corso is a huge breed that can be dangerous and aggressive in the wrong hands. A Cane Corso, properly trained and well-socialized, is not aggressive or dangerous for no reason. In general, however, the Cane Corso is friendly, even-tempered, and extremely fond of children.

Is the Cane Corso aggressive?

The Cane Corso is a large breed but not an aggressive dog breed, even if it is banned in parts of different countries. However, it must be noted that the Cane Corso is protective and a guard dog with pronounced territorial behavior.

He had various tasks on the Italian farms. Among other things, he is used as a guard dog and protection dog.

So if you enter a property without permission, where a Cane Corso is watching, it can be very dangerous. When a Cane Corso growls, it is always a warning signal.

But then, the dog is not aggressive or dangerous. He is trying to protect his territory and his family, and you are trespassing.

However, if you are invited in by the owners, so the Cane Corso realizes that you are welcome, you will quickly realize how friendly this intimidating-looking dog breed is.

In general, Cane Corsos are calm and relaxed dogs.

Is a Cane Corso aggressive towards children?

The Cane Corso loves children. From our experience, we can say that the Cane Corso forms a powerful bond with the children of their household.

Cane Corso is not agg
Malou with Nick

I can tell that our Cane Corso plays more gently with our boys than she does with me. It looks like she can gauge that she is not allowed to play so rough with the kids and is much more cautious.

I can’t say the same for Nick. Sometimes I feel sorry for Malou.

Cane Corsos like to cuddle and are also extremely friendly and patient toward other children. We had a situation at the soccer field when a bunch of boys stood around Malou and wanted to pet her. She was super sweet and friendly and was happy to do it.

Friends and acquaintances who also have a Cane Corso report the same thing. A Cane Corso is a good match for you if you want a dog that loves children.

Be careful with screaming kids.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. If your kids are in the garden with their friends and are shouting, a Cane Corso may interpret this as a danger to your children and try to protect them.

Of course, you must stop this behavior directly in the puppy age. A 50 kg Cane Corso that thinks your children are in danger can be dangerous to other children.

For this reason, you should never leave your Cane Corso alone with other children. This is also true for any different dog breed.

Are Cane Corsos easy to train?

Even though the Cane Corso is one of the Molossians known to be a bit more stubborn or slower, it is relatively easy to train a Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos are smart and want to please their owners, whom he loves above all else. For this reason, I think a Cane Corso is also for first-time owners.

If you start training and educating them when they are still puppies, you will later have a friendly dog that loves children but is and remains a guard dog at heart.

When is a Cane Corso dangerous?

Like any dog breed, good education and socialization are critical. If you don’t train a Cane Corso properly and stop certain behaviors from the beginning, you may get a dangerous dog.

This is not specific to the Cane Corso but can happen to any dog.

Friends have a very aggressive Maltese. Of course, the example is lame in terms of size and weight. But it goes back to the exact origin.

With this dog, undesirable aggressive behavior was never stopped. Now, two years later, he is hardly under control. The effects are then only clearly more serious. The same can happen to you with a Cane, Corso.

But it could also be a Labrador or a Giant Schnauzer instead of a Maltese.

No dog is generally dangerous but is made so by the owners. Either by insufficient training, as just described. Or, he is made aggressive.

Dog owners, who want to make a name for themselves about their dogs, deliberately make an aggressive and dangerous dog out of the Cane Corso. The ability to train a Cane Corso in this direction is there.

But is then the breed Cane Corso dangerous or the owner at the other end of the leash?

are Cane Corsos aggressive

Are Cane Corsos aggressive towards other dogs?

If a Cane Corso has been well socialized from puppyhood and has had regular contact with other dogs, he is usually not aggressive towards other dogs.

Of course, it may be that a male dog does not like other males or a female dog does not get along with other females. But this is not because Cane Corsos are generally aggressive towards other dogs, but because of the individual case.

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It can also be that a Cane Corso does not like specific dogs regardless of breed and sex.

Malou, in principle, wants to play with all other dogs. However, we often meet a male Labrador on the walk, who is very aggressive towards us. She does not like him either.

Just like an aggressive Jack Russell terrier. They are not going to be friends anymore.

But ask yourself this question: does your dog have to like every strange dog? Do you want all people – especially if they are aggressive towards you?

Why are Cane Corsos aggressive and dangerous?

If Cane Corsos are aggressive, they are also dangerous. Because a 50 or 60 kg and 70 cm tall, aggressive dog is, of course, a danger.

Aggression in a Cane Corso can be caused by the following.

Too little exercise

If your Cane Corso has too little activity in the form of physical and mental exercise, this can lead to aggression. Read here how much exercise a Cane Corso needs.

No training

If you haven’t trained your Cane Corso properly, he may have learned that aggressive behavior is okay because he wasn’t reprimanded when he was a puppy or young dog. For example, your Cane Corso barks aggressively at another dog.

Lack of training can be the cause of dominance, and your Cane Corso jumps on you.

Wrong training

When a Cane Corso is intentionally trained to do so, it is aggressive and dangerous.


If a Cane Corso is scared because he has experienced mistreatment by previous owners, he may become aggressive with specific groups of people. For example, if a man has always beaten him, aggression is mainly toward men.

Cane Corso wants to protect you.

A Cane Corso has a strong protective instinct. So if you are out with your dog and you are suddenly attacked, it is very likely that your Cane Corso becomes aggressive towards the attacker and wants to protect you. But this is precisely his job.

Because of its size, a Cane Corso could also protect you from a wolf.

Cane Corso becomes aggressive when in pain.

If your otherwise perfectly balanced Cane Corso suddenly becomes aggressive, he may be in pain.

Maybe he has hurt himself while playing, stumbled, and your Cane Corso is limping. If you accidentally touch the spot, your dog may show aggression towards you.

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Preventing aggression in a Cane Corso

There are several ways to prevent a Cane Corso from becoming aggressive.

  • Make sure your puppy is well-socialized. Your puppy should regularly meet other dogs and people and learn that there is no danger from them and that these are everyday situations.
  • Educate and train from the beginning. From puppyhood, you need to show your Cane Corso what is okay and what not to do. If you wait because the puppy is so cute, you will experience your blue miracle with a rebellious young dog.
  • Make sure that your Cane Corso always has enough activity. That means physical as well as mental. You can take your Cane Corso jogging, biking, or long walks. Additionally, obedience training and you are on a good way.

Conclusion: Is a Cane Corso aggressive and dangerous?

No, the Cane Corso is a friendly dog and very fond of children. He also gets along with other dogs. However, his solid protective instinct emerges if he sees his family in danger. However, practical training and good socialization help the Cane Corso not know every stranger on the street as a threat. (Contributing image)

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