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Are Cane Corsos easy to train? (How?)

Training of a Cane Corso is essential. This should be true for any dog breed, but if a 143 lbs (65 kilograms) Cane Corso male is not educated, it can cause significant damage. If you are thinking about getting a Cane Corso and are unsure if it is easy or difficult to train a Cane Corso, you have come to the right place.

Are Cane Corsos easy to train? It is not difficult to train a Cane Corso because they are intelligent dogs that are very people-oriented. However, you must remember that they are also stubborn and self-confident Molossians, which can sometimes make education a bit exhausting. Loving consistency, patience, and a confident demeanor as a pack leader are the critical factors in Cane Corso’s training.

How to train a Cane Corso?

Before we talk about whether it is easy or difficult to train a Cane Corso, we must clarify what training means or how to train a Cane Corso.

My definition of training is that my dog is oriented to me as the pack leader and not that he sits down for a treat or gives paws. That is not training for me.

Of course, in training, you can reinforce positive behavior with a treat and other positive things like petting. Please do not misunderstand.

But what if you don’t have a treat handy? Does your Cane Corso, or whatever dog, have to disobey then?

For example, I want to walk my Cane Corso past other dogs without any problems because he knows that I, as the pack leader, can handle the situation, and he doesn’t have to take the lead and bark at the other dog.

I don’t want to have to distract him with a treat to get me past the other dog.

Likewise, I want my Cane Corso to be oriented to me and not pull on the leash because he wants to go somewhere else.

When does the Cane Corso training start?

The education of your Cane Corso starts on the first day. You must work on your leadership role from the beginning.

are cane corsos easy to train
Train a Cane Corso Puppy

I don’t mean you push your puppy down to show him who the boss is or some crap like that.

It is about showing your Cane Corso from the beginning what he is allowed to do and is not allowed to do. You decide if he should stand quietly next to you when you are outside or if he is allowed to sniff.

In the picture above, we are on a playground, and Malou had to lie quietly next to us, although she would have loved to run to our boys.

You decide when he gets his play tick and for how long.

You decide if he can go on the couch or not. But even if your Cane Corso is allowed on the sofa, sometimes it is good to deny him and send him to his blanket.

This way, you signal to him that you decide what he can do and cannot. He perceives you by your behavior as a safe pack leader or not.

Is it challenging to train a Cane Corso?

Whether it is difficult or easy to train, a Cane Corso cannot be answered in a general way. The Cane Corso is smart and learns quickly.

However, Cane Corsos are sometimes stubborn, making education not difficult but exhausting.

The self-confident Cane Corso likes to test how far he can go and whether you mean it. Anyone who wants a “YES-sayer” should take distance from a Cane Corso.

In my opinion, it is not difficult to train a Cane Corso if you know how to d it and are patient and consistent.

At the same time, you must realize that a Cane Corso is a Molosser. A Molosser needs the molosser-second longer until a command arrives in his head.

For example, if you send a German Shepherd to “Sit,” and he obeys the command immediately, and as fast as lightning, the Cane Corso looks at you for 1 second before he sits down slowly in slow motion.

You have to be prepared for the kind of dog you will get with a Cane Corso; then, the training will be easy and pleasant. The Cane Corso is a great family dog that is easy to train with patience.

It is exhausting to train a Cane Corso.

It is not difficult to train a Cane Corso. After all, he knows exactly what it means when you put him in his place with the command “blanket,” for example. After a few repetitions at the latest, he will have understood what he is supposed to do when you give the command “blanket.”

The difference with a Golden Retriever is that the Cane Corso leaves the blanket as soon as you turn around. The Goldie may also try to leave the blanket, but not as often as the Cane Corso.

The Cane Corso tests where the boundaries are and if you are serious about your decision to send him to the blanket.

The key here is to send him back to the blanket repeatedly. You are the pack leader; you decide when he can run around the house and when he should be on his cloak.

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You bring him back every time, or in the best case, you prevent him from leaving the blanket without yelling or physical violence. Simply through body language and consistent leading back.

In principle, it is easy, but sometimes it is annoying and exhausting to fight against the thick loving head.

We have the command “Tabu” with us. That means all dogs are out of the kitchen. Our dogs are allowed in the kitchen, but not when I’m cooking our food. Then comes the command “Tabu,” and the three looks at me from the door frame.

Now and then, it happens that our Cane Corso doesn’t react. Then I must lead them with the command from the kitchen, or I step upright to her, and she then leaves the kitchen.

And so it is with many things that go along with training. I would not say that Cane Corso’s training is difficult and impossible for beginners. Rather as partly exhausting.

Training a Cane Corso
Malou at Rest Training

While training, we always use a collar with our Cane Corso.

What is the essential thing in Cane Corso training?

In general, frustration tolerance is essential in Cane Corso or dog training.

This means that your Cane Corso learns how to deal with frustration from the beginning. That an expectation is not fulfilled also times. (It is also not bad for children that not every wish is fulfilled). It is about self-control, inner peace, and patience.

Dogs that have never learned to deal with frustration are often aggressive, unrestrained, hyperactive, and impatient. Dogs that have known this from the beginning are much more relaxed, and training is more accessible.

Consequences of lack of education in Cane Corso

An untrained or poorly trained Cane Corso does not see you as the pack leader and may make his own decisions in certain situations.

Cane Corsos are usually good with other dogs. But poor training may be the reason why they are not. The consequence could be that your Cane Corso aggressively barks toward other dogs or even humans.

Propper training is essential if you want a calm and relaxed Cane Corso.

Lack of training can be the cause of dominance, and your Cane Corso jumps on you.

Conclusion: Is a Cane Corso easy or difficult to train?

I would not say it is easy or difficult to train a Cane Corso. I would call it exhausting at times. They know relatively quickly and precisely what you want from them. But they sometimes test you to see if you mean it. (Contributed image)

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