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Are Cane Corsos good apartment dogs?

Cane Corsos are becoming increasingly popular. So one or the other surely asks himself sometimes whether Cane Corsos are good apartment dogs or whether they need a house with a garden.

Cane Corso can be kept in an apartment without any problems. The prerequisite is that a Cane Corso has enough exercise and occupation in nature. The house or the apartment is then the resting zone. He must have enough space for his dog bed, where he can retreat if he wants.

Why you can keep a Cane Corso in an apartment!

Dogs spend most of the day sleeping.

So, you don’t need an incredible amount of space in your apartment or house for your Cane Corso to move around or romp around wildly.

In the house is the resting zone, where your Cane Corso sleeps, rests, and regenerates. Cane Corso sleeps between 15 and 18 hours a day. Logically, he doesn’t need much space for that.

The bottom line is that the Cane Corso, like most Molossian breeds, is somewhat laid back and loves to lie on the couch or in his dog bed.

Today I went running with Malou for 5 miles (8 kilometers). Since then, she has been lying peacefully on the couch sleeping.

How much space do Cane Corsos need?

Cane Corsos are large dogs. With up to 27 inches (70 cm) and 132 lbs (60 kg), Cane Corsos need, of course, more space than, for example, a Havanese.

When it comes to space, the main thing is that you have enough room to put a suitable dog bed* for him to retreat to sometimes.

Otherwise, the space requirements of a Cane Corso in an apartment are not particularly large. The apartment serves as a resting place, not for a dog to follow his urge to move.

We have a house with a garden, but our Cane Corso mainly lies on the couch and snores.

In addition, our dogs also stay only on the first floor, consisting of the hallway, living room, and kitchen. There is not that much space there now, either.

Requirements if you want to keep Cane Corso in the apartment?

If you “only” have an apartment without direct access to a garden, you should consider a few things so that your Cane Corso feels comfortable in your apartment.

Sufficient exercise and activity

Even if they belong to the more leisurely dog breeds, Cane Corsos need daily exercise and activity. Long walks or running sessions are perfect for keeping these large Molossians busy.

In addition to physical activity, it is essential to keep him mentally active. With Cane Corso, education and training in basic commands are ideal for keeping him mentally busy.

But also sniffing games during the walk or at home with a sniffing carpet make a Cane Corso tired.

If this is ensured, there is no reason why a Cane Corso could not feel comfortable in an apartment.


In addition to sufficient exercise and activity, you must train your Cane Corso from day 1. This should be a matter of course for any dog in any situation.

But if you have such a big dog and live so close to other tenants, it is again more important than if you live somewhere in the country with lots of space and have little to do with other people. (to compare 2 extreme examples)

Cane Corsos do not bark without reason.

Another reason you can keep a Cane Corso in an apartment is that they are relatively quiet dogs.

Cane Corsos do not bark for no reason. They are watchdogs but not barkers who want to ask you to play. Of course, they announce visitors or unusual briefly.

Consistent education and sufficient exercise are the basic requirements that your Cane Corso does not bark constantly. This can quickly become a nuisance with direct neighbors.

Does a Cane Corso need a garden?

Dogs do not necessarily need a garden. As already described, sufficient exercise in nature is mandatory.

A garden does not replace a walk!!!

Of course, we don’t have to kid ourselves. A garden is a great advantage and, in some situations, a great relief.

If you want to housebreak your puppy, you can just let him out in the yard and not have to go out of the apartment through the hallway to the street. If you have to do this three times a night, it can be grueling over time.

Also, if you are sick, a garden can come in handy in between times so your Cane Corso can pee and poop.

Now there may be those who say that a Cane Corso needs a garden to fulfill his instinct to wake up. I think that this is only partially true.

Of course, a large garden somewhere outside without much public traffic, where your dog can move freely, is ideal.

But in today’s world, this is hardly feasible. The other option is a garden in a housing development. I doubt it makes sense to have your Cane Corso running freely in the garden and constantly on the alert because someone is constantly standing at your garden fence. that means stress without end.

Cane Corsos are protective and perfect guard dogs, but they do not patrol huge areas like Boerboels but rather watch at the house and with the family.

Malou our Cane Corso on the couch
Malou at her favorite activity

Keeping Cane Corso busy in the apartment

If you live in an apartment with your Cane Corso, here are a few tips on how to keep him reasonably busy without having to leave the apartment.

  • Get your Cane Corso a suitable chew toy. A Kong filled with treats, sausages, or cream cheese will tire your Cane Corso. The laborious licking out is exhausting and keeps him busy for longer.
  • A sniffing carpet is ideal for searching games. Sniffing generally makes dogs tired and is a great way to exercise them.
  • Training basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “stay,” “blanket,” etc. can also be done in the living room. This will make your Cane Corso mentally tired and stressed.

Conclusion: Can you keep a Cane Corso in an apartment?

Cane Corso can be kept in an apartment without any problems if the landlord allows it. The prerequisite, of course, is that he has enough exercise and mental activity and is reasonably trained. An untrained, poorly exercised Cane Corso can be obnoxious in an apartment. However, this is true for all dogs.

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Malou our Cane Corso


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