Cane Corsos are good with other dogs

Are Cane Corsos good with other dogs?

Cane Corsos are large, muscular, and intimidating dogs. But are they also aggressive and incompatible with other dogs, or just the opposite? In this post, we discuss whether or not Cane Corsos are good with other dogs.

It depends. A well-socialized Cane Corso is good with other dogs. Cane Corsos are very territorial, so you should do the first meeting on neutral ground and be very careful to observe how both dogs react. But basically, Cane Corsos get along very well with other dogs.

Do Cane Corsos get along with other dogs?

Usually, Cane Corsos get along with other dogs and get along well with them. However, it is a prerequisite that your Cane Corso has been appropriately socialized from the beginning and has always had contact with other dogs.

This way, he learns from the beginning the body language of other dogs and knows when the other dog feels like playing with him and when he should instead get out of the way.

If this is not the case, and you want to let your adult Cane Corso play with a similar-sized dog in a dog run, it can escalate quickly.

Your Cane Corso doesn’t understand that the other one doesn’t want to play and is always annoying. If you do not separate the two, it can quickly come to a biting. Read here if Cane Corsos get along with Rottweilers.

Requirements Cane Corso compatibility with other dogs

An important point is a socialization. Your Cane Corso has to get to know other dogs from the beginning and learn to play and communicate with them.

Educating your Cane Corso should be self-evident just because of his size. But it is also essential that your dog accepts you as the leader and learns that he does not have to make decisions alone. You are the boss and in control of the situation.

Tips on how your Cane Corso gets along well with other dogs

Here I will give you some tips on how to introduce your Cane Corso to other dogs. This has worked for us every time, and we have only had positive experiences.

The first meeting should be on neutral ground. Meet somewhere with the other dog and his owner for a walk.

Don’t let the dogs walk beside each other but at some distance. They will still “get to know” each other and get used to each other. When you feel good, you can let them walk next to each other and watch how they react.

After some time, if you think they are good for each other, there is nothing against letting them run on a closed-off dog run or in the garden.

In the following picture, you can see Malou, our Cane Corso, and Bronn, a big Broholmer male. The two of them saw each other for the first time that day. We walked for about 15-20 minutes before we went into our garden together.

Reasons why Cane Corsos could be aggressive toward other dogs

Cane Corso gets bitten

Even if Cane Corsos are compatible with other dogs, negative experiences like a biting attack can destroy everything. Malou was a victim of a biting attack one morning in the dark.

My wife was taking her for her first-morning walk. About 15 meters away, a woman opened her trunk, and a big dog jumped out, rushed towards Malou, and my wife barked wildly and bit Malou.

She was one year old at the time and super compatible and playful. Since that day, our Cane Corso has reacted aggressively to other dogs.

With our dog trainer and consistent training, we got the behavior back under control.

Strong protective instinct

Cane Corsos have a strong protective instinct. If other dogs are aggressive towards you or your Cane Corso, the probability is very high that your Cane Corso will not stay calm and relaxed.

In these situations, a consistent and sovereign education of your Cane Corso is necessary. Your Cane Corso must accept you as the pack leader and understand that you are in control of the situation and that he should not care about the other leash bully.

Cane Corso defends his territory.

Cane Corsos belong to the best guard dogs at all. That is what they are made for. So if a strange dog should stray on your property because his owners let him run free but do not have control over where he runs, the danger is big that your Cane Corso becomes active.

Your Cane Corso would try to chase away your intruder. That is his job.

Genetics play a role

.Aggression problems are often in the genes. You can’t know what to expect if you don’t have your Cane Corso from an official breeder with papers. Aggressive dogs are generally excluded from breeding, so they cannot inherit the behavior.

Some backyard breeders who want to make quick money will not pay attention to this.

Pain and diseases

Pain due to illness or injury could lead to aggression toward other dogs.

If your Cane Corso is limping and in pain because he stepped in a hole while walking, this could be why he is aggressive toward other dogs.

Lack of socialization

Lack of socialization as a puppy is often why adult Cane Corso does not get along with other dogs. They Never met other dogs and didn’t know how to behave.

Is left alone for a long time

Cane Corsos do not like to be left alone. Of course, it is possible to leave them alone if you teach them from the beginning, very slowly. But you can never be 100% sure that it will work.

If your Cane Corso has to stay alone for several hours a day, this can cause aggressive behavior in the long run due to stress, for example.

Cane Corso is good with other dogs
Our Cane Cane Corso, Broholmer, with our friend’s dog. No Problem

They do not get along.

Despite good training and socialization, it can always happen that your Cane Corso doesn’t get along with one dog or another. Maybe it’s because the other dog doesn’t like contact.

It can also be that your male, Cane Corso, dislikes other males. Or your bitch does not like other bitches. But you can’t make a blanket statement that Cane Corso males don’t get along with other males. This has to be observed in each case.

You don’t like every person, even if you are friendly.

Do Cane Corsos get along with small dogs?

There is no reason why Cane Corso should not get along with small dogs. They don’t make any distinction there in terms of size.

Again, socialization from the beginning is essential, so your Cane Corso learns to play with small dogs and watch for reactions. It can be that your Cane Corso sees the small dog as prey, and the whole thing escalates. This is because Cane Corsos have hunting instincts and were used for hunting games in the past.

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Problematic can become in regards to the size difference. Cane Corsos are large and heavy dogs. If they play wildly with a much smaller dog, there is always a risk of injury.

Conclusion: Do Cane Corsos get along with other dogs?

Cane Corsos are good with other dogs. However, proper socialization and education are essential to prevent accidents.

I am Marco with my Cane Corso and my Broholmer


I am Marco, and I am very lucky to live with 3 big Mastiff-type dogs. In this blog, I want to share all my experiences and knowledge about dogs.

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