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Can a Cane Corso kill a wolf?

More and more often, you read about wolves being sighted. What sounds, on the one hand, exciting and great can, in reality, provide a proper fright. What if you meet a wolf on a walk with your dog? Can a Cane Corso defeat or even kill a wolf?

Cane Corsos do not differ much in size and weight so it would be theoretically possible. A Cane Corso can win a fight against a wolf and even kill it because of its size and biting power. It is not for nothing that Cane Corsos are still used as livestock guarding dogs. They protect herds of cattle from potential attackers and have to fight with them in an emergency.

Cane Corso and Wolf, in comparison!

If you live in a very rural area, there is a chance that a wolf will cross your path while you are walking in the woods.

This is advantageous if you have a large dog like a Cane Corso. But can a Cane Corso protect you from a wolf or even kill it? Or can it only buy you time until the Wolf attacks you?

First, let’s take a closer look at the two animals. How big is a Cane Corso and how big is a wolf?

CharacteristicCane CorsoEuropean Grey WolfTimberwolf (North America)
Size (shoulder height)65 – 70 cm60 – 90 cm70 – 90 cm
Weight60 kg30 – 50 kg50 – 80 kg
Bite Force700 PSI400 – 550 PSI400 – 550 PSI

After extensive research, I conclude that a Cane Corso is similar in size to a wolf. It is about the size of a European Gray Wolf but tends to be a little bit smaller than a North American Timberwolf.

Of course, this is only an average, and there can be variations in both correct. There are very small Cane Corsos but also huge ones. It is the same with wolves.

According to what I could find out, the Cane Corso has an incredible biting power of up to 700 PSI. The Wolf is a bit below that. I have found a report that speaks of over 1000 PSI in the Wolf, but I could not verify that.

However, this seems a bit high to me. At over 1000 PSI, we are looking at a grizzly bear, among others.

For comparison, other large dog breeds are well below the Cane Corso and the Wolf. The German Shepherd is 238 PSI, and the Rottweiler is 328 PSI.

A Cane Corso can defeat or kill a wolf.

Because of its size and biting power, a Cane Corso can defeat or kill a wolf in a fight.

So, a Cane Corso is a large breed and can protect you from a wolf if you encounter one on a walk, as it is not inferior to it in terms of stature and strength.

Now you have to consider that a Cane Corso kept as a family dog has an innate guarding and protective instinct. This, however, was not trained separately in the usual case. On the other hand, a wolf is a wild animal that hunts and kills its prey daily.

In my opinion, it could become an unequal duel because of this fact. But a Cane Corso trained as a guard dog, for example, which wants to protect its herd from a wolf, is quite capable not only of driving away the Wolf but also of killing it in case of emergency.

Cane Corso can kill a wolf
Nick with our Cane Corso Malou

Cane Corsos protect herds from wolves

.Cane Corsos were already used as guard dogs in Italy. The task of guard dogs is to protect sheep, goats, cattle, or other animals from attackers.

Potential attackers of these animals are, among others, wolves, which, in search of suitable food, also become aware of the flock of sheep.

For this reason, Cane Corsos were used as guard dogs to defend livestock herds from attackers such as coyotes or wolves.

Today the Cane Corso is used in many different ways. You can find him as a classic guard dog, a protection dog in police service, and a loving family dog who loves children above all.

The Cane Corso has a relaxed and calm nature. However, if he sees his family in danger, the Cane Corso can become aggressive and dangerous.

Would a wolf attack a Cane Corso?

A wolf would not simply attack a Cane Corso or any other dog. Attacks by wolves on dogs are extremely rare. Nevertheless, it can happen. For example, if the Wolf perceives the Cane Corso as an intruder.

This is the case when the dog walks “alone” through a wolf territory far away from the owner, and the Wolf does not recognize any connection between the dog and the human.

It is also possible that your Cane Corso spots a wolf and chases after it. Of course, in this situation, the Wolf may attack your Cane Corso to defend itself.

But a wolf wants to avoid a fight for prey against a strong opponent. Wolves are very cautious about this because an injury that a Cane Corso could inflict in any case would weaken him very much in the near future and affect him in the hunt.

Since there is most likely no documented fight between a wolf and a Cane Corso, one will not know 100% who will emerge as the winner.

Conclusion: Can a Cane Corso defeat a wolf?

Since the Cane Corso is a large, muscular dog with tremendous biting power, it can theoretically defeat or kill a wolf. Not for nothing, they were kept as guard dogs in Italy to protect herds of cattle from attackers.

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