can cane Corsos be left alone for 8 hours

Can Cane Corsos be left alone for 8 hours?

Before you get a dog, you should know that you need time. Dogs need daily exercise and activity, and most do not like to stay alone. We discuss how it looks specifically with the Cane Corso in this post. I asked myself whether Cane Corsos can be left alone for 8 hours.

Cane Corsos do not like to stay alone. They are dogs that form a strong bond with their family and prefer to be around them all the time. But with the proper training from the beginning, it is possible to get your Cane Corso used to it carefully and to leave him alone for a few hours now and then. In exceptional cases, 8 hours are certainly possible if there is no other way.

Can Cane Corsos be left alone?

No dog likes to be left alone. The Cane Corso is no exception. Cane Corsos are calm dogs and, at the same time, affectionate and cuddly. They prefer to be near their family and build a strong bond with them.

These signs indicate that Cane Corso does not like to be left alone. It is even said that Cane Corsos are prone to separation anxiety.

But we all have appointments at some point and can’t take our dogs everywhere. This circumstance makes it necessary for even a Cane Corso to be left alone now and then.

With the proper training from the beginning, leaving a Cane Corso alone here and it is possible.

How long can Cane Corsos be left alone?

Nobody can say precisely how long a Cane Corso can stay alone. Malou can stay alone for 4-6 hours without any problems.

However, there are Cane Corso that start barking, crying, and destroying furniture after 30-60 minutes.

With the proper training from the beginning, your Cane Corso should be able to stay alone for at least 4 hours. In case of an emergency, even longer, but this should be the exception.

If you are aware from the beginning that your Cane Corso has to stay alone for 8 hours a day, it is, in my opinion, the wrong time for a dog. No matter what breed.

How to teach your Cane Corso to stay alone!

You must start very slowly and introduce your Cane Corso to this situation. You can’t leave him alone for 2 hours and see what happens.

First of all something very important: It is normal that you leave the house and come back. Don’t say goodbye in an exaggerated way and don’t make an orgy of greetings when you come back. This will signal to your Cane Corso that it is special when you leave the house and may encourage his separation anxiety.

You can start by getting a puppy gate*. When your Cane Corso puppy is in the puppy gate, he will first get used to being near you but not directly with you. Then leave the room for a few seconds and return when your dog is calm and relaxed. Repeat it repeatedly, gradually increasing the length of your absence.

If this is not a problem, you can extend the training without your puppy being in the puppy gate. You simply leave the room where you are with your Cane Corso puppy for a short time. So, step outside for a moment if you’re in the living room. Close the door. Wait a few seconds and go back. Remember, there’s nothing to get excited about. Nothing dramatic has happened. Just repeat this over and over again, increasing the length of absence from time to time.

If you can leave the room without any problems and your Cane Corso puppy is not crying, go one step further, leave the house for a short time, get the mail inside, or just wait a few seconds in front of the door. Again, you can now extend the duration of your absence from time to time.
Do you recognize the system? You have to increase in small steps until you finally reach your goal.

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Eventually, you’ll be able to go shopping for 30 minutes or take 1 hour to a doctor’s appointment without any problems.

Tips to keep your Cane Corso alone!

Especially in the first months, Cane Corsos can not stay alone for hours. Just because they have to go out more often than adult dogs makes it necessary that there is always someone at home or someone comes by periodically and lets your Cane Corso out.

If you have slowly taught him to stay alone, you can make his time alone a little easier. Especially the first time, this can be useful:

  • A tired and balanced Cane Corso stays better alone than a hyper one. Make sure your Cane Corso has a proper walk before you leave the house and is tired and content.
  • The walk not only provides enough exercise so that he sleeps in his dog bed afterward but also so that he can pee and poop and not have to go out while you are away.
  • Put a worn t-shirt of yours in his dog bed. Your smell calms him and distracts him.
  • Get a special toy for this time, which your dog gets only when alone. The time in which you are not there, he does not link them exclusively negatively. Because exactly then he always gets the, for example, great with liver sausage filled Kong.
  • To know how your Cane Corso behaves when alone, it is recommended to set up a dog camera. The significant advantage of the Furbo dog camera is that you not only hear if your dog barks or not. You can also talk to him through the device to calm him down and give him treats.

Consequences if your Cane Corso has to stay alone too long!

If you haven’t taken enough time during training or your Cane Corso just doesn’t like to be left alone, the following behavioral problems can occur:

  • Cane Corsos do not bark for no reason. But separation anxiety can cause them to bark constantly. And believe me, Cane Corso bark loudly – when they bark.
  • If your Cane Corso is constantly left alone for hours, it can hurt his health. It means stress when dogs have to stay alone for a long time even though they can’t. Stress weakens the immune system and makes them susceptible to illness.

Conclusion: Can Cane Corsos be left alone?

Leaving a Cane Corso alone for several hours is entirely possible with the proper training from the beginning. However, since Cane Corsos are prone to separation anxiety, you must build up the training slowly and carefully, increasing in small increments.

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