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Can I feed my Cane Corso once a day? (How much?)

A dog enriches life immensely. But who acquires a dog also takes responsibility for years. You have to bear the costs for vet, insurance, and food. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether you can afford it. In this post, I will discuss whether you can feed a Cane Corso once a day and how much it eats.

A Cane Corso can eat once a day, but it is better if fed twice a day. An adult Cane Corso with 110 lbs (50 kg) body weight eats about 2 lbs (1 kg) of Meat (2% per kg body weight) or 450 to 550 g dry food (depending on the manufacturer) per day – this would be a significant amount if he is fed only once a day. The cost can range from 2$ to 4$ per day, depending on the quality of the food.

Can I feed a Cane Corso once a day?

Theoretically, feeding your Cane Corso once a day would be sufficient. In nature, it is similar. Wolves or street dogs have to hunt or look for something to eat first. Often they eat a significant portion once a day.

Ultimately, it is only essential that your Cane Corso gets the right amount of calories and nutrients every day because it is optimally supplied. Read here why your Cane Corso will not eat.

However, feeding your Cane Corso only once a day can cause problems.

Large breeds like the Cane Corso are more prone to gastric distress. The risk of gastric torsion increases when they eat large amounts of food at one time.

Another problem could be that your Cane Corso can’t concentrate as long or as well during training because he is hungry.

For example, if he eats only in the evening, he will be starving in the afternoon, and the training may become more strenuous.

How much does a Cane Corso eat?

How much a Cane Corso eats daily is directly related to its size and activity level.

Since a Cane Corso is a large dog, it eats a lot.

We base our calculations on a 110 lbs (50-kilogram) Cane Corso. If you feed your dog a raw diet, you will get about 2 lbs (1 kilogram) of Meat daily. The general rule is 2% per kilogram or 1% per lbs of body weight per day.

If you go for good dry food, which is perfectly fine, your Cane Corso will need between 450 and 550 grams of food daily, according to the feeding recommendations of the manufacturers.

Note that low-quality food can cause your Cane Corso to stink possibly.

However, it is important that your Cane Corso is not overweight and does not put unnecessary stress on his joints. This can cause problems and be the reason why your Cane Corso is limping.

Be aware that obesity in a Cane Corso can cause snoring.

How many times a day should a Cane Corso eat?

Although it is theoretically possible to feed your Cane Corso once a day. It will not affect the life expectancy of your Cane Corso.

But I think it is better to feed him twice and halve the amount per meal.

I think it is ideal if your Cane Corso eats twice daily. This way, you have reduced the risk of gastric distress, and your dog is provided with energy and nutrients throughout the day.

I also feel better when my dog eats twice a day. I don’t want to eat only once a day, either. But that is a personal feeling.

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When should a Cane Corso eat?

When your Cane Corso should eat during the day is up to you. I recommend that you feed him in the morning and evening. This is how we do it; so far, we have not noticed any adverse effects.

Your Cane Corso should lie relaxed in his dog bed or couch and digest after feeding. It is essential that your Cane Corso does not jump around wildly after eating or that you go for a walk. This also promotes gastric torsion.

Since a Cane Corso also needs regular exercise, we go for the first walk in the morning before work – sometimes, like yesterday, I also go jogging with our Cane Corso.

When we return from our first walk, they have their first meal, which is 50% of the daily requirement.

The second meal is in the evening after the last walk, around 7 pm (+- 1hr). This way, we can ensure that the dogs do not run around wild after eating but lie down in their dog beds and relax, exhausted from the walk and full from eating.

feeding a Cane Corso once a day
Sansa (Broholmer), Malou (Cane Corso) & Arya (Broholmer)

How much should a Cane Corso puppy eat per day?

How much your Cane Corso puppy should eat is also based on the manufacturer’s feeding recommendations.

For example, the Orijen puppy food for large breeds* states its feeding recommendation for giant breeds like Cane Corso or Mastiffs.

Wheigt PuppyFood in grams
10 kg270 Gramm
20 kg450 Gramm
30 kg630 Gramm
40 kg630 Gramm
50 kg720 Gramm

These rough recommendations may not fit all dog breeds 100%. Every breed is different, and every puppy has other caloric and nutritional needs simply because of its urge to exercise.

Make sure your puppy is gaining height and weight each week. But make sure he’s not fat, and you can always feel the ribs.

Like all large breeds, the Cane Corso is prone to HD/ED. Large breeds must be a little too thin rather than too fat for the first few months. Puppies that are significantly too fat and have too much weight on their bones and joints can have significant problems later.

How many times a day should a Cane Corso puppy eat?

You saw above that a puppy does not get little food no matter what month it is. 270 grams for a puppy is not a tiny amount of mass to consume.

Therefore, feeding a Cane Corso puppy at least three times daily for the first six months is advisable.

With our Broholmer, who is comparable in size and weight, we did it even for eight months because the amount of food for two meals was just too much for her, and she partially vomited again.

So you have to look individually at when to switch to 2 meals. But six months +- is a good guideline for feeding your Cane Corso puppy three times a day.

It does not matter how many times a day a Cane Corso is fed. As long as he gets the amount of nutrients he needs, everything is fine. If your Cane Corso is getting smaller than normal, it is not due to the number of feedings.

Conclusion: How much does a Cane Corso eat per day?

A Cane Corso eats about 500 grams of dry food or 1 kilogram of Meat daily. This would be too large an amount to feed once a day. The risk of gastritis would increase. The food cost can vary greatly depending on the quality of the food.

I am Marco with my Cane Corso and my Broholmer


I am Marco, and I am very lucky to live with 3 big Mastiff-type dogs. In this blog, I want to share all my experiences and knowledge about dogs.

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