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Do Boerboels shed? Tips on how to minimize it!

This blog post is about the impressive Boerboel, specifically whether Boerboels shed and how you minimize shedding. As a dog lover and proud owner of 3 Molosser breeds, I know all too well how important this topic can be.

Boerboels are known for their imposing size, strong build, and lovable nature. But one question concerns many potential owners and even experienced owners alike: What about the issue of hair in Boerboels?

Boerboels have short, dense coats with little undercoats. However, they shed hair year-round. Shedding in Boerboels is a natural renewal process. Old, dead fur falls out so new, healthy fur can grow. Negative influencing factors such as inferior food or stress can be the reason for heavy shedding.

Do Boerboels shed?

Yes, Boerboels shed all year round. This is a completely natural process. Old dead hair falls out so that healthy new hair can grow back.

Twice a year, in spring and fall during the shedding season, Boerboels shed slightly more than normal.

Reasons for heavy shedding in the Boerboel!

Now it can always be that your Boerboel sheds much more than normal. This can have different reasons, which I will list in the following:

  • Every Boerboel hairs. One more, the other less. It can be simply bad luck if just your Boerboel hairs more than others.
  • Inferior dog food is a common reason why Boerboels shed more than they should. If your dog gets too little or inferior nutrients, his body can not function 100% perfectly. The result can be severe shedding, missing important nutrients for a healthy coat.
  • Stress is another point why your Boerboel suddenly loses more hair than before. Boerboels belong to the Mastiff-type breeds but still need sufficient exercise and activity. Too little exercise, in the long run, can lead to an increased stress level, which can negatively affect their health and result in increased hair loss.
  • If your Boerboel is constantly left alone for too long, this also leads to stress and can result in excessive shedding. Boerboels are independent dogs but prefer spending time with their family.

Tips to make your Boerboel less shedding!

To make your Boerboel shed less, there are a few basic things you can do:

  • Make sure you feed your Boerboel high-quality food. In my opinion, a raw diet is the best and most natural for a dog. But this is unfortunately not always feasible for everyone. However, good dry food varieties such as Orijen* have a high meat content and high-quality ingredients.
  • Make sure that your Boerbel has enough physical and mental exercise. A happy dog is usually a healthy dog. In addition to daily walks, you can also go swimming with your Boerboel. This is easy on the joints and a good way to cool him down in the summer.
  • Do not leave your Boerboel alone for an unnecessarily long time. If you know in advance that you will have to leave your dog alone for several hours a day, a Boerboel is not the right dog for you.
  • No matter how high-quality dog food is, it can’t hurt to add certain additives to the food. Just as is true for us, our food is becoming increasingly nutrient-poor. Brewer’s yeast, for example, is rich in vitamin B and promotes a healthy, strong coat.
  • Omega3 fats from salmon oil also positively affect coat health and can help your Boerboel shed less.
  • Zinc* helps build and maintain skin, coat, and teeth.
Boerboel looses hair

Grooming needs of a Boerboel

The Boerboel is a low-maintenance dog breed. Every now and then, you should brush him through with a coat grooming mitt* and a Furminator* to remove dead hair.

The big advantage is, if you do it regularly, for example, once a week in the forest on a walk, you will find much less hair in your house. every hair he loses outside will not end up on your couch.

A Boerboel does not need to be bathed unless he rolls in carrion or cow dung.

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Boerboels for allergy sufferers

Boerboels are not dogs for allergy sufferers. As an allergy sufferer, you do not react to the hair directly but to various proteins from dander, saliva, or urine found on the hair.

If your Boerboel then loses his hair in the apartment, you inevitably come into contact with the proteins and react accordingly. For allergy sufferers are dog breeds that do not shed hair interesting.

Conclusion: Do Boerboels shed a lot?

Boerboels lose hair within normal limits. Heavy shedding is usually due to negative factors such as bad dog food or increased stress and can be quickly corrected. (Contributed image)

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I am Marco, and I am very lucky to live with 3 big Mastiff-type dogs. In this blog, I want to share all my experiences and knowledge about dogs.

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