do Cane Corsos and Cats get along

Do Cane Corsos get along with cats?

When it comes to adopting a new pet, especially when it comes to dogs and cats, it’s essential to do some research beforehand to make sure the animals can get along. One dog breed that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Cane Corso. But how does this breed behave around cats? Can a Cane Corso live with a cat? This blog will look closely at this question and determine if Cane Corsos and cats get along.

Whether Cane Corsos get along with cats depends on the circumstances and age they meet. If a Cane Corso puppy comes into a household where a cat lives, this can work very well. But if Cane Corso and the cat meet in puppy or kitten age, the chances are good that they will get along. With adult animals, you have to observe them individually. Since Cane Corsos have hunting instinct, it can also go wrong.

Can Cane Corsos and Cats live together?

Cane Corsos have a lovable and gentle nature and show themselves very affectionate towards family members. With cats, in general, making a blanket statement is impossible.

Cane Corsos and cats can definitely live together and get along well. However, as with almost everything, it always depends on the individual situation.

The saying “They are like cats and dogs” is not a coincidence nor a matter of course that dogs and cats get along.

If your Cane Corso has been properly trained and socialized from the beginning, and if you make a point of bringing him into contact with cats, chances are good that he can live together with cats later on.

Cane Corso should grow up with cat.

The best is of course if your Cane Corso puppy already comes into a household where a cat lives or you let a Cane Corso puppy and a cat grow up together.

In this case, neither of them will have had a bad experience with the other species and can get used to the other housemate in a very slow and natural way, learning and interpreting each other’s body language.

Many reports on the internet tell about the successful integration of a Cane Corso puppy into a cat household.

Requirements that Cane Corsos and Cats can live together!

You can or should take some precautions or create conditions so your Cane Corso and cat can get along and live together.

  • As a breed, the Cane Corso fulfills some conditions that favor cohabitation with a cat. Cane Corsos are calm and relaxed dogs. Hectic behavior or nervous barking is completely foreign to him. As a guard dog, the Cane Corso barks only when something unusual happens. You can never hear our Cane Corso unless someone knocks on the door or stands in front of our fence. Then, of course, she should react as a watchdog.
  • Ensure the cat has a safe retreat that the Cane Corso can’t reach. Many have a separate room, such as a study, in which there is a cat tree to which the dog has no access. Friends of ours have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The cats can retreat to the converted basement.
  • Since cats need a cat toilet, it should be placed so that your Cane Corso cannot access it and may even start digging in it.
  • It is advantageous if you can separate the feeding places so that each can eat without fear and stress.

Cane Corso and Cat get used to each other!

It is probably the best variant to accustom a Cane Corso to a cat if at least the Cane Corso is a puppy. The hunting and guarding instincts of the Cane Corso are not yet developed, and the two can get used to each other in a relaxed way in everyday life.

Cane Corso puppy Malou get along with Cats
Malou, our Cane Corso, as a puppy, get along with cats

It may be advisable not to allow direct contact in the first days. The Cane Corso puppy can get used to the new home and, at the same time, become familiar with the smell of the cat.

Therefore, as described above, safe retreats for the cat are absolutely necessary. A good addition is putting the blankets with the individual smells in each other’s sleeping place.

Avoid excessive stress, a loud child screaming, etc., the first days. Everything that somehow causes restlessness or additional stress can have a negative effect.

In the worst case, the cat will react aggressively, hissing and scratching, and your Cane Corso puppy will have had its first bad experience.

Getting to know Cane Corso and cat

When a few days have passed, and everyone has registered each other, the day of the first acquaintance will come.

  • You should not put your Cane Corso and cat together in the same room and see what happens.
  • Ideally, you should leash your puppy or even adult dog to prevent it from approaching or chasing the cat independently.
  • The cat should have access to a high-scratching post to survey the situation and the dog from above. The cat, being the smaller and, in the worst case, the chased one, should always feel safe.
  • If possible, you should do the introductions with another person so that one can take care of the Cane Corso and the other can take care of the cat. Pet them both and make them feel safe and content.
  • No direct contact is necessary for the beginning. Cat and the dog realize the other in the room very well and slowly get used to it. Everything is fine as long as your Cane Corso puppy does not bark but is calm with you. Repeat the procedure until you let them walk in the room without a leash.
  • Eventually, your cat will automatically find its way into the living room where your Cane Corso puppy “lives.”

There is no guarantee that Cane Corso and cats will get along and live together! Even if you are as careful as possible, there is always a risk that it will not work out!

Possible problems of Cane Corso and cats!

Since Cane Corsos are very large dogs, there is always a risk of an accident. If your Cane Corso and your cat get along well and actually play together or even lay together, there is always a risk of accident and injury due to the size difference.

Cane Corsos have hunting instincts. Even though they are mainly used as quiet guards and family dogs, their earlier use as hunting dogs is undeniable.

If I am with Malou in the fields on the way and a deer or rabbit runs at once across the field way she would like to immediately chase. Sometimes I have problems holding the 100 lbs (45 kg) muscle.

The same can happen if your Cane Corso is not used to the cat and the cat suddenly flits through the apartment, and your Cane Corso reacts to the movement and takes up the chase.

Conclusion: Can Cane Corso and cats live together?

Yes, Cane Corso and cats can get along and live together. The prerequisite is a reasonable education and especially socialization of the Cane Corso. Ideally, Cane Corso and the cat grow up together. This offers the greatest possible chance of success.

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