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Is a Cane Corso a large breed? (How big do they get?)

The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff and belongs to the large dog breeds. We have studied this breed in advance, and of course, we asked ourselves how big a Cane Corso can get and if this breed is suitable for us.

The Cane Corso is a large breed! The Cane Corso is a Mastiff Type Dog, representing a massive and muscular dog. They can reach a height of up to 28 inches (70 cm) and a weight of 110 lbs (50 KG). Of course, the size and weight vary significantly between males and females. Also, there are generally extreme fluctuations in size and weight. This is mainly due to the breeding goal of each breeder.

Differences in size and weight: male or female?

As with almost all dog breeds, males of the Cane Corso are larger and heavier than females. According to the official FCI data, the height at withers of a Cane Corso male is 64 cm – 68 cm, and of a female is 60 cm – 64 cm. A deviation of +- 2 cm is still ok.

The height at withers is measured at the raised transition from the neck to the back. These are already quite decent measurements.

According to FCI standards, the weight is between 100 lbs – 110 lbs (45 kg and 50 kg) for males and between 88 lbs – 99 lbs (40 kg – 45 kg) for females.

There is always the possibility that your Cane Corso is smaller than normal and deviates from the breed standard. This can have several reasons.

The AKC does not define a standard weight. The weight should be proportional to the size.

However, you can find mostly bigger and heavier dogs than specified in the FCI standard. No, they are not always too fat! Due to their size, Cane Corsos can kill a wolf.

How much does a Cane Corso puppy weigh?

Since the Cane Corso is a huge dog, even the puppies already have a decent weight. The following tables show how the size and weight of a Cane Corso puppy develop until it is fully grown.

The data are, of course, only average or approximate values. As you can see, the weight hardly differs in the first weeks or months.

Only after about half a year do the differences become more obvious. The males then become broader and consequently heavier than the females.

However, these are official values that are often significantly exceeded in reality. Cane Corso males with up to 154 lbs (70 kg) or females with more than 110 lbs (50 kg) can often be found – and they are not always fat.

Birth2 lbs (0,5 kg)2 lbs (0,5 kg)
2 months20 lbs (9 kg)17 lbs (8 kg)
3 months32 lbs (15 kg)28 lbs (13 kg)
4 months42 lbs (19 kg)36 lbs (16 kg)
5 months50 lbs (23 kg)44 lbs (20 kg)
6 months60 lbs (27 kg)52 lbs (24 kg)
7 months68 lbs (31 kg)60 lbs (27 kg)
8 months74 lbs (34 kg)68 lbs (31 kg)
9 months82 lbs (37 kg)76 lbs (34 kg)
10 months90 lbs (41 kg)84 lbs (38 kg)
11 months94 lbs (43 kg)88 lbs (40 kg)
1 year98 lbs (45 kg)92 lbs (42 kg)
2 – 3 years115 lbs (52 kg)100 lbs (45 kg)

When is a Cane Corso fully grown?

Cane Corsos, like all Molossians, are considered late developers. This means they reach approximately their full size and weight from the third year of life.

Only then the Cane Corso has its full strength and visible musculature. They usually reach their height from the age of 1 year, but they typically need 1 to 2 more years to build up their entire musculature.

2 months13-inch (34 cm)13-inch (34 cm)
3 months18-inch (45 cm)18-inch (45 cm)
4 months20-inch (51 cm)19-inch (49 cm)
5 months22-inch (56 cm)21-inch (53 cm)
6 months23-inch (59 cm)23-inch (58 cm)
7 months24-inch (63 cm)24-inch (60 cm)
8 months25-inch (64 cm)24-inch (60 cm)
9 months26-inch (66 cm)24-inch (62 cm)
10 months26-inch (66 cm)24-inch (62 cm)
11 months27-inch (68 cm)25-inch (63 cm)
12 months28-inch (70 cm)26-inch (65 cm)
are cane corsos a large breed

What food is suitable for a Cane Corso to grow big and strong?

The Cane Corso is no different from other breeds as far as food is concerned. What is important is a diet rich in meat. Dogs are descended from wolves. So they are and will always be carnivores.

We feed our dogs a raw diet because we think it is the most natural and, therefore, the most species-appropriate form of feeding. For example, we switch to high-quality dry food on vacation. Our favorite, then, is Orijen*.

Bad food may be the reason why your Cane Corso is not eating.

Regardless of what you feed, ensure your dog gets the right amount. The recommendations on the packaging are always only rough guidelines. If your Cane Corso is always hungry, he may not get enough food.

Being overweight can cause your Cane Corso to become lazy.

How to feed a Cane Corso so that he grows healthy

It is essential. Since Cane Corso, like all other Molossians, are large and heavy dogs, it is necessary to let them grow up slowly.

The dogs can grow faster than is good and healthy for their joints. It is said that these dogs should be “starved big.” We, for example, always feed a little less than indicated.

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In the first year, we always ensure you can still feel the dogs’ ribs. In any case, they should not become too heavy too quickly.

Many owners of large breeds boast about how heavy their dogs are already at X months. However, these dogs are usually too fat because they have been “fattened up.” This has nothing to do with a big muscular Cane Corso but instead goes in the direction of torture.

Pay attention that being overweight can be the reason why your Cane Corso snores.

Why you should know how big a Cane Corso will be

Many people don’t give enough thought to a dog breed beforehand. It is not only a question of whether it is an active or relatively calm dog.

The size can also be of crucial importance. Do you even have room for such a big dog? The space in the car must also be considered. If you have to transport a 70 cm tall male dog, this can be problematic in a Smart. (-> How to find the right dog for me).

Many people decide in the first place after the optics of a dog. But precisely, this can be a big mistake if one does not deal sufficiently with the breed beforehand.

CONCLUSION: How big does a Cane Corso grow?

Cane Corso males can reach a height of about 28 inches (70 cm) with a weight of 110 lbs (50 kg). Females are somewhat lighter at 26 inches (66 cm) and 100 lbs (45 kg). So the Cane Corso is a large dog breed. However, one should assume that dogs tend to grow a little taller and heavier. Our females reach 28 inches (70 cm) and 100 lbs (45 kg) (slim) at the age of one year. Her brothers and sisters are also taller and heavier than the official average.

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