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What colors do Cane Corsos come in? (+ Pics)

If you are interested in a Cane Corso and want to know in which colors they come in or if they are only available in black, you are exactly right here. Here I will also tell you in which colors the Cane Corso exists and if specific coat colors are more susceptible to diseases.

Cane Corsos are available in many different colors. A few years ago, Cane Corsos were mostly black. But now they come in various colors such as cream (fawn), brown, and shades of grey and brindle.

Different Cane Corso colors!

Cane Corsos come in a relatively wide variety of different colors, shades, and flows. The lighter specimens always have a dark or gray mask.

Cane Corsos come in in the following coat colors

  • black
  • lead-gray
  • slate gray
  • light gray
  • blue (velvety rich dark grey)
  • deer red
  • fawn

The brindle Cane Corsos are called:

  • black-brindle
  • grey-brindle
  • brown-brindle

The Cane Corso has a short but very dense coat with little undercoat. He is known for his gleaming coat, which is especially striking in black.

This does not require special care; it comes naturally to the Cane Corso as long as he is healthy. A significant advantage is that the Cane Corso has very little hair.

Besides black, the Cane Corso is available in shades of gray, light beige/cream, deer red, and brindle.

In the brindle Cane Corso and the fawn, the muzzle must show a gray or black mask reaching only to the eye line.

Only one color does not meet the breed standard, and that would be “pure white”! Dubious breeders sell white Cane Corso for a lot of money. But CAUTION: White Cane Corso may already be born deaf and are susceptible to disease.

Cane Corso – Black

Black Cane Corso
© Osetrik –

Black is the most popular and also the most common coat color in the Cane Corso.

The shiny black coat is the most eye-catching. It looks very classy and graceful.

On the neck, chest, or maybe on the paws/toes, you can find small white markings/fur patches now and then.

Cane Corso – Grey

grey Cane Corso
@ (Beitragsbild)

Grey Cane Corsos are also becoming more and more popular. They can be found in various shades of gray.

The coat looks mostly glassy and has even a little less undercoat.

Cane Corso – Blue Line

The Blue line is also becoming more and more popular. Here the coat is in a rich dark gray, which shimmers silver. This coat has a very special shine. But CAUTION!

The Blue Cane Corso often suffers from a genetic defect. Unfortunately, they are very prone to skin and organic diseases, like severe heart problems. For this reason, the life span of Blue Line Cane Corsos is less than usual.

Cane Corso – Deer Red

brown Cane Corso

Deer red or brown Cane Corso has a striking rich red-brown color and a dark mask.

Formentino Cane Corso (Light fawn)

fawn Cane Corso

The light fawn Cane Corso, with a gray mask, is also called the “Formentino.” He has a creme-to-brownish coat.

Cane Corso – Black brindle (brindle, spotted, speckled)

black-brindle cane Corso
Malou is black-brindle

With the Brindle colorations, the spirits divide. Some love it; for others, it looks like a “street dog.”

With the designation Black brindle, black is the primary color. On it is the current in light fur stripes. Here always, a dark mask is to be expected.

The brindle coats are trendy because, on the one hand, they have a longer life expectancy, and on the other hand, they give, in my opinion, every Cane Corso something unique.

Cane Corso in Grey Brindle / Grey brindle

grey brindle Cane Corso

A fascinating and, in my eyes, gorgeous coat color of the Cane Corso is grey brindle.

This is a grey base color with light or dark streaking.

Cane Corso in Brown brindle

brown brindle Cane Corso
Brown Brindle Cane Corso

Besides the frequently seen black-brindle pattern, the Cane Corso is also available in brown brindle.

In brown brindle, brown is the primary color. On it, darker or black stripes stand out.

Conclusion: What coat colors are there in the Cane Corso?

Cane Corsos are available in different colors and also currents. Besides the classic and popular black, you can find Cane Corsos more and more often in fawn or brown tones. But also currents like Black-Grey or Brown Brindle become more and more popular. Critical to see are “fashion” coat colors like silver-gray, which can be more susceptible to diseases.

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