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When do Cane Corsos calm down and get relaxed?

Cane Corsos are large imposing dogs from Italy and are descendants of the Roman war dogs. They are naturally good watchdogs but are seen more often in families. For many people interested in this breed, it is essential to know if Cane Corso are generally calm dogs or when they become calmer.

Cane Corsos are, like most Molosser breeds, calm and relaxed dogs that are not easily upset and have a high threshold. The prerequisite for Cane Corso to develop into a relaxed and great dogs is a consistent and loving upbringing, as well as sufficient exercise and occupation. If Cane Corsos see their family or their territory in danger, they are no longer calm and relaxed but do not hesitate to defend it devotedly.

Are Cane Corso calm and relaxed dogs?

Cane Corsos, like most Molosser breeds, are calm and relaxed. They are known to be difficult to get out of their temper and have a high threshold for irritation. This is one reason why Cane Corsos might make good apartment dogs.

When looking for descriptive traits of the Cane Corso, you always end up calm and composed but also confident and alert.

Cane Corso used to be used as guard dogs on farms. So their job was to lie somewhere in the shade and sound the alarm when something unusual approached.

Due to the farms’ location, there were significantly fewer, or only in exceptional cases, people who approached the farm. This is no comparison with our current lifestyle in densely populated residential areas, where every 5 minutes, someone stands at your fence.

The essential requirement for Cane Corsos to become calm and relaxed dogs is a consistent but loving education and sufficient exercise and occupation.

Cane Corsos are not aggressive for no reason, but they tend to be dominant and will quickly take over if you don’t show them their place.

When do Cane Corsos calm down?

Cane Corso puppies are lively, active, playful, and eager to explore like most puppies. Everything is interesting; they want to go everywhere and meet everything and everyone. This is normal, and you cannot say that Cane Corso puppies are calm and relaxed.

Cane Corsos become calmer when they are 1,5 to 2 years old. They are like all Molossians, late developers and only fully grown at 2, sometimes 3 years. That is, physically and mentally.

At about 1 to 1.5 years, you can expect the first heat in bitches. This is the start of puberty and adulthood.

They then become calmer and more relaxed and slowly take on their breed-typical character traits.

A clear difference between the active, playful puppy or young dog can be noticed after the first 2 to 3 heats. Then Cane Corsos become noticeably calmer and more adult.

This is due to the increased estrogen production, which makes your dog mentally and physically mature and significantly reduces “childish” behavior.

In male dogs, puberty also begins at about 1 year of age, with the lifting of the leg when urinating. Again, it is advisable to let the testosterone run free so your Cane Corso male can fully develop mentally.

Because of critical mental development, you should not think too early about castration or sterilization. Especially not if there is no medical reason.

Tips on how to make your Cane Corso calmer and relaxed!

Cane Corso usually do not automatically become calm and relaxed dogs that are perfect as family dog. Here I have a few tips on how your Cane Corso will grow up to be a calm and relaxed family dog:


Cane Corsos are smart dogs that can be trained well. However, it is also imperative to train Cane Corso consistently but lovingly.

They tend to be dominant and take the lead otherwise. If a Cane Corso does not accept you as the pack leader, he will not remain calm and relaxed in some situations.

Even though you can train Cane Corso well, they sometimes tend to be stubborn and bullheaded.

They like to test their limits and sometimes discuss more often. By arguing, I mean they don’t do a command like “blanket” directly or leave their place immediately.

Being consistent at this moment means that you send your Cane Corso back to his blanket immediately. You decide that he has to be there now and demand it.

If you don’t, your Cane Corso has decided on his own or ignored yours. The result is that your position as pack leader crumbles.

You, as pack leader, also manage resources such as toys. You decide when your dog gets his toys. He doesn’t have access to them all the time.

He needs to learn that you are the boss. This is not done through physical force but through consistent behavior and resource management.

Rest periods as a puppy

Puppies are active, lively, and curious. However, with all dogs, it is essential that they learn from the beginning that there are periods when nothing happens.

Cane Corso puppies, like all others, need to learn to lie quietly in their dog bed. You must not make the mistake of constantly teasing a puppy. Eventually, he will get used to the activity level and become anything but calm and balanced.

It is also important that your Cane Corso puppy, and later when he is full grown, has a place where he can come to rest, and no one will disturb him.

Calm Cane Corso puppy
Train the Cane Corso Puppy Malou

Cuddling makes Cane Corso calmer

Cane Corsos are cuddly and love to snuggle. Regular cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. It relaxes your Cane Corso and keeps him calm and composed.

An additional benefit is that this is precisely what happens to you. When you pet your Cane Corso, you also release oxytocin and benefit from the positive effects.

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Not only is oxytocin good for relaxation, but it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol and has a positive effect on general health and the immune system because a high cortisol level damages the immune system in the long run and makes it more susceptible to diseases.


Cane Corso can only be calm, relaxed, and serene if exercised according to their breed. They need daily walks and mental activity.

Too little exercise, in the long run, can lead to undesirable misbehavior such as hyperactivity or aggression.

Chewing articles

Chewing and gnawing are in the nature of a dog. On the one hand, it serves as dental care, as chewing on bones or on special chewing articles for large dogs* removes plaque and cares for the teeth.

On the other hand, chewing relaxes and calms your Cane Corso down.

Do not encourage guarding and protective instincts

Cane Corsos have a strong guard and protective instinct. You do not need to promote this. If your Cane Corso is stressed and pressured by training and reinforcing his instincts, this will have the opposite effect, and he will not become a calm and relaxed dog.

Conclusion: When will Cane Corso become calm and relaxed?

Cane Corsos calm down and relax at about 1.5 – 2 years of age. When the females come into their first heat or the males, lift their legs when they pee, hormone production increases, and the childlike, hyper, playful slowly changes to calm, level-headed adulthood.

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