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9 reasons why Cavalier King Charles Spaniel drool?

If you are interested in whether Cavalier King Charles Spaniels drool in general or for what reasons they might drool, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will go into more detail about the causes and if there is anything you can do about it.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not one of the heavily drooling breeds. However, sudden drooling can indicate something is wrong with your Cavalier if they are stressed or frightened, if it’s too warm, or if they are poisoned because they have eaten poison bait or special plants.

Reasons why Cavalier King Charles Spaniel drool!

Drooling is normal in some dog breeds but not in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. However, every dog has a stronger flow of saliva to make the food slippery and protect the oral mucosa from drying out. However, if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel drools outside of his meal, there may be the following reasons:

Car sickness

If your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is afraid of driving, he will be stressed during the car ride and drool. You could help him with training to minimize or maybe even fix it.


In warm temperatures, dogs with shorter noses have a harder time, including Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They might start panting, which would be followed by drooling. Provide a cool place in the shade or a cooling mat* and give your Cavalier plenty of water.

Gum or tooth problems

Take a close look at his oral cavity, you may notice very red gums, or there is just a piece of wood stuck between the teeth, which you can remove. You will also see a broken tooth, which makes a trip to the vet inevitable. In case of gum inflammation or toothache, your Cavalier would also drool.

New food

Are you maybe in the middle of a food change? It could be that the new food smells so intense for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which makes him salivate in the transition.

Injuries/tumor in the oral cavity

Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes to chew on sticks or other objects, which can cause injuries in the oral cavity that lead to swelling. Examine the oral cavity carefully because tumors can also hinder saliva swallowing by the circumference increase. Ask a veterinary surgeon for advice if you notice something unusual or undefinable.


If your Cavalier needs to take medication, drooling can be a side effect due to increased salivation. You can find this in the medication insert or ask your veterinarian.

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Common cold

If your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a cold, it will likely be drooling. Sore throats, throat irritation, or sniffles stimulate salivation because they have a harder time breathing due to a stuffy nose.

In general, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very susceptible to illness.


If your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel drools a lot, nausea may be the cause. A gastrointestinal infection could be the reason for nausea.


Maybe your Cavalier ingested something on your last walk, which led to poisoning. Some plants are poisonous for dogs, for example:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Snowdrop
  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinths
  • Cyclamen

Don’t forget the dog haters, either. Unfortunately, we hear more and more about poison baits being put out!!!!

If your Cavalier, to the strong drooling, begins to vomit, tremble, and convulse, possibly a heavy poisoning is present, which can express itself up to the fainting. Here it is a matter of minutes; make you directly on the way to the veterinarian and notify him on the way so that he can prepare everything necessary for a case of poisoning and act professionally because no precious time should be wasted here.

Conclusion: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not drool

As a rule, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not tend to drool. Therefore, excessive drooling, especially in Cavaliers, can clearly indicate his general condition. If you keep a close eye on him, you will be alerted early with this warning signal that he is not well!

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