why does my Cane Corso pee so much

Why does my Cane Corso pee so much?

Do you have the feeling that your Cane Corso pees a lot? More than normal? Several reasons could be the cause why your dog pees a lot.

In this post, we will get to the bottom of the problem.

Your Cane Corso pees so much because he also drinks a lot. Dogs should drink about 60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight daily. Activity and heat can increase the amount. But also, certain diseases can be why your Cane Corso drinks more and then pees more.

Usually, the amount of water the dog consumes daily has a direct influence on how much your dog pees. In the following post, we will go into more detail about the individual reasons.

Who drinks a lot has to pee a lot

If your Cane Corso pees a lot, he will logically drink a lot. First, you should measure how much your Cane Corso drinks to ensure he doesn’t drink too much or too little.

Measure his daily requirement in a measuring cup in the morning and fill up his water bowl. This way, you have a detailed overview of how much water your dog drinks daily.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that a dog should drink about 60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. Warm weather and more activity can, of course, increase the requirement.

Activity affects drinking and urine output

.If you walk, jog or ride a bike with your Cane Corso a lot, he will automatically have a higher need for fluids and drink more.

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Of course, the water has to come out. As a consequence, your Cane Corso pees more often.

Think if you were active more often the last time, which could be why.

Let’s be honest: Most people don’t know how much water their dog drinks. When the water bowl is almost empty, it is filled up. I could not say how much our dogs drink.

If they have to pee more often, I notice it more when they stand at the door and whine, in addition to the walks and pee rounds.

Warm weather makes you thirsty and makes a dog pee more.

This is no different than what we do. Dogs drink more on warm summer days. As a result, you must pee a lot if you drink a lot.

Food influences how much your Cane Corso has to pee.

If you feed a Raw Diet (BARF) now and before providing dry food, your dog will automatically absorb more moisture. Now it could be that your dog has drunk too little before and takes in more water than before just because of the BARF.

As a result, your Cane Corso will have to pee significantly more often than before.

Many dog owners are worried at the beginning because their dogs hardly drink when they have switched to BARF. This is because a BARF portion consists of about 75% water.

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Stress makes your dog drink more

.If your dog drinks a lot and, as a result, has to pee significantly more often, stress may be the reason. For example, if your Cane Corso has to stay alone for a long time, this can cause extreme stress.

Dogs start to pant more when stressed, which inevitably leads to them drinking more. Especially the Cane Corso drools more when he is stressed.

Observe your Cane Corso if he shows stress symptoms in certain situations and tries to eliminate the trigger.

Diseases are the cause of why your dog pees a lot.

Various diseases could cause your dog to drink a lot and consequently has to pee more. However, it could also be that your Cane Corso needs to pee a lot and therefore drinks a lot.

Bladder infection

A simple explanation of why your Cane Corso pees a lot is a bladder infection. A bacterial urinary tract infection causes dogs to pee more. It could also happen with a bladder infection that your dog can’t hold the urine and pees here and there again in the house.

Kidney disease

If your Cane Corso has to pee a lot because he drinks a lot, this can also indicate that the kidneys are not working correctly and the toxins cannot be adequately removed.

Cushing’s Syndrome

A common symptom of Cushing’s disease is increased urine production. Dogs take longer and pee more often.


Dogs can also get diabetes. Common symptoms include increased thirst and increased urination.


Besides various diseases that can be the cause of frequent peeing, this, of course, also applies to medications. Different medications lead to more thirst; your dog drinks more and has to pee more often.

But also, the medication itself can dehydrate, and your Cane Corso will pee frequently. What applies to your dog is best discussed with your veterinarian.

A high-quality dog food like Orijen* dry food is essential to prevent various diseases in the best possible way.

When does your Cane Corso pee too much?

As you can see, there can be various reasons your Cane Corso pees more than usual. Often, there is no cause for concern. When it’s warm or you’ve had a hard run, it’s normal for a dog to drink more and pee more often.

But when is there cause for concern, and should you talk to your vet?

  • If your Cane Corso has diarrhea or vomiting in addition to frequent urination.
  • If your dog drinks too much, you should talk to your vet to be safe. If your Cane Corso drinks 5,000 ml / 5 liters or more water daily, you should have this clarified to be on the safe side. The upper limit is 100 ml of water per kilogram of body weight.

When does your dog pee, and when does he only mark?

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Not every pee from your Cane Corso, or dogs in general, can be called urinating.

When he pees in the morning, he usually takes more time, and a good amount of urine comes out. The bladder is emptied.

If you continue walking, it is not unusual when a dog, especially a male dog, marks every few meters. You should not count this as peeing.

Marking is for orientation and communication but not for emptying the bladder because he has to pee.

Conclusion: Cane Corso pees a lot

If your Cane Corso pees a lot, it can be a side effect of medication or indicate a disease. However, sometimes your dog has been drinking a lot because it is warm or you have been active in sports.

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