why does my Cane Corso smell

Why does my Cane Corso stink? (+solutions)

Cane Corsos are big and impressive dogs. For some, they are absolute dream dogs, and others change the side of the road at sight. For me, it is the absolute dream dog. Nevertheless, sometimes I sit on the couch and ask myself, what stinks here? Why does my Cane Corso stink?

Do Cane Corsos stink? A healthy Cane Corso does not smell or stink! However, there are reasons why a Cane Corso may smell stronger or even stink. Cheap dog food often leads to unpleasant coat odor. But problems with the gland can also cause unpleasant odors.

I will discuss why Cane Corso can stink in this article and what solutions are available.

Do Cane Corsos stink?

Healthy Cane Corsos do not stink. I can say that today. Cane Corsos have a very short coat and usually do not smell unpleasant.

I can press my nose into the coat of our Cane Corso, and I don’t smell anything.

Different reasons can be the reason why a Cane Corso smells. Usually, there is a problem that can be solved quickly.

To know why your Cane Corso stinks, you should find out exactly where the smell comes from.

Does your Cane Corso have an unpleasant body or coat odor? Does he have bad breath, smell from the ears, or is it the anal gland?

Reasons why your Cane Corso stinks!

Why your Cane Corso stinks can have different reasons, and I want to discuss some of them in the following.

The coat of your Cane Corso stinks because of cheap food

If your Cane Corso has stinky fur, low-quality dog food can be a reason. When we picked up Malou, our Cane Corso, from the breeder, she had an intense coat smell or inherent odor.

She just smelled strongly of dog. Even though she was fed supposedly good dog food. (It is very well known)

We then briskly chose another food, and little by little, she stank or smelled less and less.

I think food is the most decisive reason why dogs stink. A dog can’t be healthy if he gets food with inferior ingredients and cheap fillers.

Even if he is fit (the problems usually come with age), a solid inherent odor indicates something is wrong.

Good food is essential if you want your Cane Corso to live long and stay healthy.

Food allergies

Not only cheap food can cause your dog to stink. It is also possible that he does not tolerate particular ingredients in your food.

For example, if your Cane Corso can’t tolerate beef, it may show through solid odor.

Cane Corso rolls in carrion and stinks

.Unfortunately, dogs are sometimes pigs. Fortunately, I have not yet experienced this with our Cane Corso. But some of the breed’s representatives like to roll in a dead rabbit.

The stench is indescribable.

Our Broholmer did it once.

So if your Cane Corso stinks because he rolled in carrion or even in cow dung, you should bathe him at home. Even though you should bathe dogs as rarely as possible, it is necessary here.

Not only that, your whole apartment stinks. The bacteria that form in the fur and on the skin can make your Cane Corso sick.

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Cane Corso smells from the mouth

Is it normal for a Cane Corso, or dogs in general, to have bad breath?

No, dogs should not have strong bad breath. If this is the case, it indicates gum inflammation or dental disease in general. Your Cane Corso’s dental care has likely suffered recently.

Problems with the teeth can also cause your Cane Corso to drool.

The most natural way for your dog to take care of his teeth is to gnaw on the bone. This will rub off plaque and prevent dental problems. In the following picture, you can see Malou gnawing on a huge beef leg and taking care of her teeth.

why does my Cane Corso stink
Malou with a Bone at Dental Care

Gnawing and chewing on a bone offers another significant advantage. The natural urge to chew is satisfied, and the dogs absorb calcium.

Alternatively, there are also chewing articles from the specialized trade. However, it must be said that the Cane Corso is one of the dogs with the most incredible biting power; never leave him alone with a chewing article undisturbed.

If you are looking for something bite-resistant, the Extreme items from Kong* are probably the choice. No matter how hard they are. Malou had broken everything so far when we forgot to take it away in time.

Cane Corso has gland problems

.Some dogs have issues with their glands.

Typically the glands produce a secretion that is excreted when the dog defecates.

Now it can happen that the anal glands do not empty or do not empty enough. The reason may be that the feces are too soft, and there is a lack of pressure to express the glands.

You should consider changing the food if you notice very soft feces in your Cane Corso.

We have precisely the same problem with Malou. Her glands do not empty enough until they are eventually “full,” and it runs out independently.

This stinks unbelievably.

But she doesn’t have soft feces. Our vet said that some dogs have a problem with it. I say tough luck.

We went to the vet regularly to “express glands” before it was too late. In the meantime, we do it ourselves.

Cane Corso smells from the ears

.Inflammation of the ears can be why your Cane Corso smells out of the ears. Especially dogs with floppy ears are at risk if the ears are wet and not dried properly.

Just examine your Cane Corso’s ears regularly. Clean them regularly with a kitchen towel and dry them when they get incredibly wet.

This is a relatively good way to prevent your Cane Corso from stinking out of his ears due to an ear infection.

Conclusion: Do Cane Corso stink?

A healthy Cane Corso does not stink. However, cheap food, dental disease, or gland problems can be why a Cane Corso stinks.

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