why is my Cane corso panting so much

Why is my Cane Corso panting so much?

Do you sometimes feel that your Cane Corso is panting heavily, and are you worried if this is normal? In this article, I will explain why Cane Corsos pant heavily and if it is normal.

Cane Corsos, like all dogs, cannot sweat and regulate their body temperature primarily by panting. When they do this, they have their mouths open, their tongues hanging out, and they breathe in through their noses and out through their mouths. Panting is not used for breathing. Hardly any oxygen reaches the lungs when panting. But stress, illness, or pain can also cause heavy panting.

How much panting is normal?

It is not normal if your Cane Corso is panting constantly and heavily. Because panting is not for breathing but primarily to prevent the body from overheating.

Dogs can not sweat and must regulate their body temperature by panting, especially in summer.

When panting, your Cane Corso has his mouth open, the tongue hangs out, and he “breathes in” through the nose and directly out through the mouth again. The airflow caused by panting causes more moisture to evaporate on the mucous membranes, cooling the body temperature.

Because of the evaporated moisture, it is essential to keep your Cane Corso hydrated, or he will become dehydrated.

A large dog like the Cane Corso has about 10 to 40 breaths per minute. When panting, this compares to 300 to 400 breaths.

Reasons why Cane Corsos pant heavily!

Your Cane Corso can pant heavily in a variety of situations. Some are “normal,” and there is not much you can do about it, and in some cases, you should avoid them as much as possible.


As mentioned before, dogs pant to regulate their body temperature and to cool down. So in summer, it is normal if your Cane Corso is panting more because he is just too warm.

To make life easier for your Cane Corso in summer, you should always provide him with fresh water. There is always a big bowl of cold water outside when we are in the garden.

In addition, the dogs can always go into the cool living room.

In Summer we move our daily walks to the very early morning or late evening when the sun is not so intense. Alternatively, you can go to a forest. Because of the shady trees, it is not so hot in the woods for a long time.

Strong activity

When you go jogging or biking with your Cane Corso, you will notice that he pants more during and afterward. This is normal because it was physically demanding, and at the same time he has to cool down because he can’t sweat like you.

In summer, when it is hot, you should avoid strenuous activities.


Stress can be another reason why your Cane Corso is panting heavily. Cane Corsos do not like to be left alone. Leaving him alone for hours every day without getting him used to it can cause stress.

Driving can be another stress factor. You must drive short distances with your Cane Corso from the beginning to get him used to it. If you have to drive a long distance directly, for example, on vacation, this can be pure stress and why he pants heavily.

Thunderstorms can also cause anxiety and stress in dogs. A symptom can also be heavy panting in your Cane Corso.

Diseases /pain

Unfortunately, some diseases cause your Cane Corso to pant heavily. If you notice that your dog is panting heavily for no apparent reason, such as heat or activity, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

Heart disease, for example, can cause the pumping action to decrease and the cells to no longer are supplied with sufficient blood and oxygen. Your Cane Corso becomes less and less resilient and pants more and more.

But the pain from an injury can also be the cause. Heavy panting can be a symptom if your Cane Corso is limping because he injured himself while running.


If your Cane Corso has eaten something “poisonous,” heavy panting can be the result. This can be planted during the walk, chocolate, or, unfortunately poison bait.

If you suspect poison bait, you should not hesitate and go directly to your veterinarian.

Pregnant female

In a pregnant bitch, heavy panting may indicate that the birth is about to start.


Cane Corsos are large and heavy dogs. Unfortunately, some owners of this great breed have other demands and see their dogs’ weight as a status symbol. Thus, I have not infrequently seen Cane Corsos that were just “fat”. Heavy panting can be a symptom of severe obesity.

Being overweight can also reduce the life expectancy of your Cane Corso.

They pant more as they age

.As your Cane Corso gets older, increased panting may occur. Older dogs generally pant more than young active dogs. It is all just more strenuous with age.

Infections / Diseases

If he has a cold, he may snore more. For this reason, Cane Corsos should wear a coat in winter.

What to do in case of heavy panting

Since the reasons for heavy panting in your Cane Corso are varied, it is impossible to give any action instructions.

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If you can rule out obvious reasons such as heat, activity, or stress because he has been alone for a long time, a visit to your vet is the best alternative.

In case of doubt, I can only say that it is better to visit your vet once too often than once too little.

For everything else, act on common sense:

  • Avoid strenuous activities in the midday heat.
  • Avoid being overweight in your Cane Corso
  • Avoid stressful situations as much as possible

Conclusion: Cane Corso pants heavily

If your Cane Corso is panting heavily, this can be due to various reasons. Heat, exertion, but also diseases or pain can be the cause. If you are unsure, a visit to the vet is the safest course of action.

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