why is my Cane Corso so lazy

Why is my Cane Corso so lazy?

The Cane Corso comes from Italy and descends from the Roman Molossians. Besides being used as war dogs, they were also used as guard dogs on farms or as herding dogs. In addition to its many uses, the Cane Corso is a typical Molosser. Calm, balanced, and composed. But are Cane Corsos also lazy?

Cane Corsos are not lazy. They are typical Molossians who love to lie around relaxed and observe their surroundings. However, they need a good amount of exercise to keep their spirits up. But being overweight or disease can be the reason why Cane Corsos becomes lazy and comfortable.

Reasons why your Cane Corso is lazy and comfortable

It is always possible that your Cane Corso is less active than other breed members. Cane Corsos are large, heavy dogs that were used as guard dogs on farms in Italy for decades.

Guard dogs often lie somewhere by the house and watch the surroundings. They don’t need to be particularly active. This is not to say that the Cane Corso needs a little exercise. But their needs are much less than active dogs.

Now, here are a few reasons why your Cane Corso is so lazy:


Cane Corso are large and heavy dogs. However, too much weight, i.e., overweight, can cause your Cane Corso to become lazy and comfortable.

Unfortunately, we see repeatedly that dog owners of large Molossian breeds consider their dog’s weight a status symbol. The fact that too much weight hurts health is disregarded.


Just because your Cane Corso doesn’t feel like going for a walk or jog doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lazy.

Perhaps your dog is in pain when he walks, so he prefers to stay in his dog bed or on the couch.

Pain in the joints, as mentioned earlier, can be caused by too much weight. Therefore, especially when your Cane Coro is young, it is essential that he grows slowly and gains weight.

It is too hot

Especially in summer, I notice that Malou, our Cane Corso, has no desire for long walks.

A short walk is usually enough for her to be satisfied. Afterward, she lies down again, relaxes in the shade, and observes the surroundings—typical Cane Corso.

But this does not mean that Cane Corsos are lazy.

Although Cane Corso are used to warming temperatures from Italy, they must pant to cool down. The bigger and heavier a dog is, the more strenuous this becomes in the heat.


Your Cane Corso does not enjoy walks with you because they are uninteresting. Walking the same route every day and not giving your dog time to sniff and explore will be boring.

Then why should your Cane Corso run joyfully toward you when you take the leash? This doesn’t mean that your Cane Corso is lazy; it just means that he doesn’t feel like doing the boring walk with you anymore.

No desire

You can run with a Cane Corso if you slowly get them used to the strain and introduce them to it.

However, as mentioned earlier, they remain large and heavy dogs and are not classic running dogs. So it may just be that they don’t feel like being active with you right now.

With Malou, this is quite evident in between. She looks forward to the walk when I take the leash in “normal” everyday clothes.

But when I put on my sports clothes and take the leash, I have often observed that she demonstratively lies down on her blanket and has no desire to move.


Your Cane Corso is not lazy, but she is not healthy. Diseases are often the reason why dogs do not want to be active.

To be safe, you should have your Cane Corso examined by a veterinarian to rule out any health problems.

Your expectations are too high

.Although Cane Corso is one of the more active Mastiff breeds, they are still Mastiff-type dogs. This means that they are laid back, calm, and collected.

They are not endurance runners like certain herding dogs or running dogs. Maybe your Cane Corso isn’t lazy, but your expectations are more in line with another type of dog.

You can’t have a weight lifter jogging every day, either.

Why is my Cane Corso puppy so lazy?

Puppies are usually active and curious. There is something to discover everywhere. But that’s precisely what makes puppies tired. Everything puppies experience and learn to be processed. This happens while they sleep.

Cane Corso puppies sleep up to 22 hours a day. They also need sleep, and this is entirely normal. So your Cane Corso puppy is not lazy but tired from the day’s experiences.

How long does a Cane Corso sleep?

Cane Corsos sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day. Younger, more active dogs need less sleep than old or sick dogs.

Of course, Cane Corsos are not in a deep sleep for 16 hours. The following sleep stages are distinguished in dogs:

  • Snoozing
  • Resting and
  • Deep sleep
Cane Corsos are not lazy
Malou relaxes in the garden

When dozing, they usually lie with their eyes closed but get everything through their nose and ears and remain alert.

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Resting is also essential and covers part of their sleep needs. When doing this, your Cane Corso will lie quietly in their spot or on the couch with their eyes open.

All these phases are important for your Cane Corso to regenerate, gather strength, and process experiences.

So, your Cane Corso is not lazy when he lies in his dog bed during the day; he is just covering his necessary sleep.

Tips on how to make your Cane Corso more active!

Of course, your Cane Corso may be lazier and more comfortable than other breed representatives. This is often due to their trained activity level. Here I have some tips on how to make your Cane Corso more active:

Pay attention to the weight

First, you need to ensure that your Cane Corso is not overweight. If he carries too much weight, he will become lazy and sluggish because it’s just too much effort.

Cane Corso need a lot of food and can be fed once a day. That is true. But too much will make him fat, which is bad for his health.

Accustom him slowly to the load

Cane Corsos are, as already described, relaxed and balanced dogs. Of course, they need regular exercise and activity. But you can also get a dog used to a certain amount of exercise, just like a human.

If you walk your Cane Corso for 60 minutes daily, he will probably be exhausted after a 3-hour walk and lie down.

Get him used to longer walks slowly and regularly if you want a more active Cane Corso. I always use a drag leash* on our walks to give Malou as much freedom as possible. Running or biking is also an option.

But remember that it is a Mastiff Type breed, not a Border Collie.

Conclusion: Are Cane Corso lazy?

No, Cane Corso are not lazy. They are naturally relaxed and balanced dogs that are hard to get out of shape. Like all breeds, they need regular exercise and activity and can be acclimated to low or high-stress levels.

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