why doesyour Cane Corso chew on everything

Reasons why your Cane Corso chews everything! (+solution)

Does your Cane Corso chew everything he can catch and you don’t know why? When it is normal and if you can do something about it. Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will go into more detail about why your Cane Corso chews everything.

Chewing in the Cane Corso comes from quite an instinct. It serves dental care and stress reduction. However, he should never use shoes, socks or the couch for this purpose. Excessive chewing and gnawing can signify too much stress, toothache, anxiety, overwork, challenge or simply boredom. Cane Corsos are smart enough to understand what they can and cannot do quickly.

Why does my Cane Corso chew everything?

Below I’ll show a few reasons why your Cane Corso chews everything.

Puppies and young dogs

If your Cane Corso is still a puppy, chewing on all kinds of things is unfortunately quite normal. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not let him get away with it and prohibit your Cane Corso puppy consistently but fairly.

If your puppy or young dog lets go of the object, reward him with an alternative. Offer him options like chew toys* or softer chew bones. If you catch him in the act, you should interrupt with a clear stop signal, such as “stop” or “stop,” because the word “no” is already used too often in everyday life. It may have already lost its effect or worn off too quickly.

At about 20 weeks, your puppy will lose the first baby teeth, and the permanent teeth will come in. Offer your puppy chewing utensils at this time, so you can prevent him from using furniture, etc. for this. The gums will be itchy during teething, and chewing will relieve your Cane Corso puppy.

Until puberty, you may be confronted with chewed objects because the hormones develop, which can upset your young dog. Offer also here regularly alternatives.

If you want to make it easy for you and your Cane Corso puppy or young dog, clear valuable carpets, poisonous houseplants, exposed cables, shoes and especially cleaning products out of his reach for this time.

You should remember that it can be life-threatening for your Cane Corso if he chews on everything during this time.

Dental problems lead to excessive chewing and gnawing!

Dental care

Dental care would be the easiest and most natural explanation for why your Cane Corso chews things. By chewing and gnawing on, for example, bones their teeth loosen plaque from their teeth. Dental care is critical to them whether they are a puppy, a young dog or an adult. If they are not offered alternatives, they will find some.


If your Cane Corso has a toothache because he has broken a tooth, his gums are inflamed, or he has something stuck between his teeth that is causing him a lot of pressure, he will try to get relief by chewing on objects.

Look in his mouth and see if you can see anything unusual. The vet can help you if you are in doubt.

Stress causes your Cane Corso to chew on everything!

Your Cane Corso may be stressed for a variety of reasons.

Can not stay well alone

Here you should observe your dog well. If your Cane Corso is already fully grown, i.e., out of the puppy/young dog phase and there have been no such incidents so far, he could have internal stress for many possible reasons, which is the trigger for chewing on objects. Only if you find out the cause can you act correctly.

If your Cane Corso does not like to be left alone, he may be stressed, and he will compensate by chewing. He is not trying to annoy you. He is just trying to cope with the situation. You could retrain the “staying alone.” Maybe something happened at the beginning that causes him lasting stress when you leave.

Or maybe you make a little mistake when coming home. If you do a happy dance every time you enter your house because your dog has been waiting for you and is looking forward to seeing you, your Cane Corso develops an attitude of expectation.

When you leave, he waits so longingly for the moment you come back into the house because there is always this joy. He will find it harder and harder to stay and he gets stressed.

Or you were always in the home office, so you were always with your dog, and suddenly you went back to the office. This can, even if he could stay alone well before, now trigger separation pain. You should rebuild this very gently and slowly.

Do not forget that your Cane Corso should always get an extensive walk before you leave the house! He must have had the opportunity to get loose, but exercise is just as important.

Life situation has changed.

Moving to a new house may also stress your Cane Corso. Unfortunately, we cannot explain this to our animals; therefore, they are left to their own devices with their first impressions of the new situation.

Also, the dog is like a human being a creature of habit. Everywhere are entirely different smells, whether in the house or on the walk. This can be a lot, and your Cane Corso may compensate by chewing.

In this case, offer him alternatives and occupy yourself more with him. Calm and stress-free of course, so as not to make everything even more exciting. A lot of cuddling relieves stress because it releases the hormone oxytocin, by the way, also in humans, which is therefore suitable for both of you and reduces stress 😉

Sometimes it is enough if you have renovated individual rooms, got new furniture, or just moved the existing furniture. Susceptible specimens could stress even that.


When you have a baby, everything is different for your dog. It is a bit louder. At night there is no longer the usual peace, because you run through the house and the baby cries.

Also, there is no longer the usual attention for your Cane Corso. This could also stress him out in the early days and make him prone to chewing. Offer more chew toys* or chew bones.

Second dog moves in.

If a second dog has moved in with you, this could also be a reason for stress. Your Cane Corso no longer has the undivided attention.

He may also be worried that the second dog will dispute his food or claim his beloved place for himself. Show your Cane Corso that nothing will change for him, then he will quickly accept the second dog.

Excessive exercise

You think you are doing your Cane Corso a good thing by keeping him busy? Maybe you take him to dog sports, go running with him, do man trailing, take him to almost all excursions and he also guards your house and yard.

Some might think this Cane Corso should be well-exercised and relaxed, but this is wrong. Because too much activity leads to overload, which in turn leads to stress, which in most cases is compensated with chewing. Here you should shift down several gears and offer him much more rest.

Cane Corso is stressed
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Too little exercise!

If your Cane Corso has too little exercise, this will also cause him stress, and you can be sure that some surprises will await you, up to the destruction of your couch.

Too little exercise, i.e., physical challenge over a certain period, leads to frustration in a Cane Corso. If he doesn’t get any mental activity, this frustration will eventually seek an outlet, which can degenerate into destruction.

What you can do in this case is probably clear… Walk more and offer him also mental stimulation. Because whoever owns such a dog should be aware of the necessary workload of a Cane Corso.


Yes, also dogs can grieve if a family member has died in your household, whether human or animal; the Cane Corso could show strong grief.

Or perhaps the neighbor who greeted him with a treat at the garden fence at the same time every day has passed away. Cane Corso can be very sensitive in this regard. If you notice his sadness, all you can do is try to cheer him up. Time eases the pain and yummy chews.


Fear can also be a trigger for stress. If your Cane Corso is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, blender, neighbor’s dog, or thunderstorms, he will likely seek an outlet at some point.

Work specifically to solve the fear problem.

Lovesick/ Hormones/ Heat

If you have a male Cane Corso that is not neutered, he will pick up the enticing scents of the ladies. Some male dogs become lovesick because they desperately want to get to the nice-smelling female in heat that walks by your house daily. Many male dogs even stop eating, which is of course pure stress.

The reverse is also true for bitches. If your Cane Corso bitch is in heat, many have only one goal “mating.” This often leads to strange behavior from your bitch, which can also be stressful for her.

Both males and females should be well observed during their exceptional hormonal situations. If the stress becomes too intense and your dog undergoes too much of a change in temperament, you should discuss it with a veterinarian.

Small tip: If you can exclude that your dog has a toothache or other physical pain, you can try to get the chewing and gnawing additionally with a training aid in the form of a nibble stop or anti-chewing spray *, under control.

But there are also dog snacks that should help effectively against it. Before you give the dog chemical tablets from the vet against “mental anxiety disorders”, you should test these dog snacks times. I have read a lot of good things about Mammals Relax Time Snacks*.

Conclusion: Why your Cane Corso chews everything!

Why your Cane Corso chews, everything can have different reasons. It is in the nature of a dog to chew. This is how they clean their teeth and relieve stress. However, excessive chewing can also indicate dental problems, stress, or anxiety.

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I am Marco, and I am very lucky to live with 3 big Mastiff-type dogs. In this blog, I want to share all my experiences and knowledge about dogs.

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