Why does my Cane Corso stare at me

9 Reasons why your Cane Corso stares at you!

Do you also know the situation that your Cane Corso stares at you, and you wonder at that moment what he wants from you? In this article, I want to get to the bottom of the question, “Why does my Cane Corso stare at me.”

Your Cane Corso stares at you for a variety of reasons. One reason could be that he stares at you because he loves you. Dogs release the hormone oxytocin when they look deeply into their owners’ eyes. Oxytocin, also called the cuddle hormone, is released when you pet your dog.

#1 Your Cane Corso stares at you because he loves you

Cane Corsos are not much different from us humans in many situations. They also stare at you because they love you or like you.

When staring at you, your dog produces oxytocin, also known as the cuddle or love hormone. Oxytocin has a positive effect on bonding and trust and reduces stress. It also appeals to the reward system.

In short, your Cane Corso stares at you because he loves you. Staring at you causes oxytocin to be released, increasing your positive feeling towards you. Your dog feels good and is doing well.

#2 Cane Corso stares when defecating

Have you ever noticed your Cane Corso stares at you when he pees or defecates?

Dogs are exposed when they defecate. At least one time a day, your dog should defecate. Staring at you in this situation gives your dog protection and security so he can get loose.

#3 Your Cane Corso wants something from you

Dogs know precisely when it is time to be fed. For example, if you always feed your dog around 6 pm, it is not uncommon for him to be standing in front of you staring at you at 6:20 pm.

He then stands in front of you and tells you with his gaze: “Hey, did you forget about me? I’m hungry.” If we don’t react with our dogs, sometimes a barking follows. However, we do not jump up directly but wait until the dog has withdrawn and then give him his food.

As the pack leader, you decide when to move, how fast, when to play, and when to give food. Your dog should follow you and not make decisions.

#4 Cane Corso wants to walk or play

Cane Corsos need an average amount of exercise and activity. The basis for a good coexistence between humans and dogs is daily walks.

The walk is not about your dog walking dully next to you and running a certain route but that he can move as freely as possible, can sniff, and has time.

Of course, not every walk can or has to be an adventure, and sometimes it can just be a means to an end—movement and making pee. But as a rule, you should also let the dog be a dog.

If you cannot fulfill your duty as a dog owner for whatever reason, it may be that your dog is standing in front of you, staring at you in the hope that it will finally go for a walk.

Maybe you got your Cane Corso so used to walking or playing in his younger years that you have a workaholic who wants to run and play all the time.

Cabe Corso stares at me
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#5 Unfamiliar situations

When you are in new places with your Cane Corso, and he has not been adequately socialized, an insecure dog may seek eye contact because you are the pack leader. Your Cane Corso may be scared, uncomfortable, and unsure of himself and look to you for protection or guidance.

#6 Cane Corso does not stare but fixes

An important point is when your Cane Corso fixes you. The difference is in the posture of the dog.

When staring, the dog has a loose posture, possibly a wagging tail, and wants something from you. (See points 1 to 5)

When you fixate, however, your dog’s posture is taut. He has a stiff tail and may even growl. This should be seen as a threat or threatening behavior.

Here you must work on the education of your Cane Corso and your role as pack leader.

Aggressive, threatening behavior in the Cane Corso you must get under control.

#7 Cane Corso is in pain

If your Cane Corso is in pain and limping or uncomfortable, he can’t tell you. Many dogs stare at their owners in the hope that they will notice that something is wrong.

#8 He does not understand what you say

Who doesn’t talk to his dog from time to time as if he were a human being who understands us? So when you tell your Cane Corso about your day, he may stare at you because he doesn’t know what you are saying. He is trying to understand you.

#9 Your Cane Corso stares at you when you sleep

Dogs do sleep significantly longer than we humans do. They sleep 17-20 hours a day. Although it must be said that sleep in dogs is made up of dozing, resting, and deep sleep.

They tend to have shorter sleep periods than we do. So it can be that your Cane Corso stares at you while sleeping because he just woke up.

Cane Corsos are very protective and stare at you while you sleep. Why he stares at you can have different reasons. Maybe because he likes you; see point 1.

Conclusion: Cane Corso stares at you!

Cane Corsos stare or look at you for different reasons: they are hungry, want to go for a walk, or simply because they like us, and it calms them down by hormone release.

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